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I've been thinking of getting into the whole podcast thing. I might do a video workout podcast, maybe 3 times a week.

I think it would be helpful to the ladies out there who may want to get in shape for summer.

Anyone have any suggestions on content or how to actually do a video podcast?? Has anyone ever done one of these?

Friday Pussy Blogging!!!

My pussy got lei'd!! ;) Isn't she precious??

Your Own Private Paradise....Priceless

No matter how luxurious the most luxuirous hotel in the can't beat fresh caught red snapper with rice cooked by candlelight....and sleeping under the stars while listening to the waves crash in on a totally deserted beach with no phones, no lights, no motorcars. All for 6 dollars and the knowing of where it is.


Liberals, put up or shut up!! You don't like what's going on in America?? DO SOMETHING!!!

Get in your cars, all at once, and drive to Crawford. They could NEVER handle the traffic it would be gridlock for miles and miles and if you stay until you are listened to, you WILL WIN.

But you won't because it's TOO EASY! It's more fun to whine on blogs all day and do nothing then it is to do the absolute MINIMUM anyone could dream to ask of you to help in the cause you claim you support.


Feel free to pass this on to all the liberals you know. I'm confident it will NEVER HAPPEN because liberals are USELESS WHINEBAGS.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Steerpikepie got me addicted to this stoopid show. Usually it's pretty lame but oh my God, there's this murderer on right now who did 25 years and now he got out and assaulted his GF and she bonded him out and now she's scared of him cuz he beat her again and she rescinded his bond.

Dog and his wimpy ass crew were talking to this asshole.

Asshole: I'm trying to straighten out my life but how can I with this broad in my way?

Dog's Brother: Some of the best men in the world have gone down over women.

Then dogs fat ass Chandler look-alike son starts with the whole "there are three sides to every story, his side, her side and the truth."

Only Beth had the fucking balls to tell the guy they were booking him.

Dog, you're a sick, chickenshit, sexist looser.

O ki ni nam, bilot.


Well. Isn't it nice that Bush wants to let 11 million illegals stay forever. Obviously his friends rely on the cheap labor they provide. It's nothing to him that we the taxpayers will end up bearing the brunt of his stupidity through OUR taxes. Taxes meant for America and Americans, not for some horde of illegals seeking to turn America into a third world toilet.

Illegals don't pay taxes. They take jobs from Americans. For those who say Americans don't want those jobs.....give me a break. Americans will work for DECENT pay, illegals will work for enough money to buy a bowl of rice and some tequilla. And what do they do with the pittance they save? Do they spend it here in America? NOPE! They send it back to their huge families in whatever fetid jungle they came from.

And do they respect America? By PROTESTING. They are illegals. They have NO RIGHT to protest. They don't vote they are not citizens and therefore have no rights here!

Let them go back to C…

WHAT is WITH People?

I mean I'm flattered that you know who I am. I really, truly am. It is nice to be known.

HOWEVER....what is with the weirdos who get all excited when they see me and jump up and down and act stoopid trying to get my attention and once they have it they start being all flamey and act all tuff and serious and talk smack about me???

It's creepy!

Especially fangirls.....I mean....ewwwwwwwwww.....

The West Wing

It's not 24. I don't think I could get into it, there are too many balding old men. And before anyone says that Keifer is old and he's not. He's sexy. There's a difference.

But Atrios did a good job, I think. I do think he should have looked at the camera, it's not a good idea to make the jump to TV and not use it to advantage. I know he's shy about his looks, but it just made him look geekier by trying to hide. I couldn't even hear his lines, he mumbled so softly.

I guess he'll learn in time. Maybe he can get an acting coach.

(and he really should do something about the namestealers running around on his site, I mean it's theft, like what Ben did but worse, it's identity theft.)

The Decline Of Quality

I can't believe I'm remebering the Weekly World News forum with true fondness and wishing for anything that could match the quailty of posters there.

Even the box trolls were brilliant.

they were brilliant

Common Sense

People don't seem to use common sense very much these days. The powers that be have turned Americans into non-thinking, talking point spewing, neighbor hating ditto heads.

Both sides, and of course there can only be two sides, are acting like idiots. I mean, if anyone really thinks they are making a difference or making America better by hating half of the population, the half that is on the "other" side, they're stoopid. And stoopid people are the most easliy led into throwing common sense out the window.

Liberals out you actually hate conservatives just because they're conservatives? Do you assume that conservatives all think the same because of the groupthink on the net?

Conservatives, do you hate Liberals because of their beliefs? Do you think they're all a bunch of whiners based on their participation on blogs and such?

Would anyone from either side make their political decisions based on common sense rather than party lines?

Remembering of cours…

My Ben Post

Everyone's talking about Ben. Well, not everyone. Just some people.

I don't think Ben is very well liked these days. Of course there are some people who still like Ben, but they seem to be outnumbered by those who don't like Ben.

Ben was a very bad boy. He stole. He got caught. He lied about stealing. He blamed others. He blamed youth. He blamed everyone but himself.

He quit. He almost said sorry but not quite.

He reminds me of the NASA kid.

The end.

It's Satuday Night!!

I'm sick. I'm stuffed up and cranky and I have a little itch in my chest that makes me cough.

I want presents. And foot rubs. And presents.

Oh, and if anyone's keeping track, it's Saturday night.

Too bad I'm too sick to go out.

*rolls eyes*

Another Friday Night


Happy HNT Moonbats!

They don't seem to understand that I'm in a relationship.HappyHNTeveryone!

Any Thoughts?

So this guy wants to buy my property because I have one third of an acre in the busiess part of a small town dowtown. Adjoining my property is his property which contains a mini mall with 3 BigName franchises in it as well as a local video store and another building housing a huge franchise business. He just bought that for 2 million dollars, I know this because I found that property on mls easliy.

So mr.bullyface the buyer agent is calling me telling me he wants to act as a dual agent but he never calls when he says he will, he never treats me respectfully and he is refusing to tell me what his opinion is on what I should be asking for my house.

I finally just told him to go to hell. Now I'm scared, I said to his machine after he called today and said that his client was out last week (when he was supposed to come out here and totally didnt) and wanted to make an offer on Wednesday if I can give him an idea what I want. I am like ya know what? Why would I give you a commission or e…

I'm A Legend

I truly am. I've never seen a board where namestealing is part of the dynamic, aside from Atrios.

I wonder why that is? Why does Atrios encourage identity theft? You can't do it at Pandagon. Yet at Atrios, he demands that his posters steal the names of his other posters. It's interesting and probably since he lets it go on and even encourages it with his setup and his intolerance of any who do not follow his orders it's probably something he does himself. Poor Shoelimpy is banned by Atrios. He is not able to post there from his computer. Yet there is a namestealer taking his identity and using his homepage posting on Atrios in a trolling manner every day.

I wonder if Shoe could take legal action, Atrios knows Shoe is banned and yet doesn't ban his namestealer....hmmmm...any lawyers out there?

Oh and I've figured out why the threads are left to die when a new thread appears and why an open thread is no different than a topic thread....there are not enough p…

Oh How Cowardly!

Lions and tigers and Annie, oh my!!


It's so funny to me, it really is. What are you afraid of? Hmmmm?

Being upstaged?

I'm fucking brilliant and wonderful and funny and charming and I'm teh hot.

And I don't care.....maybe that's what gets under your skin?

It is isn't it? It bothers you that I don't care.


I'm what you wish you were and are too afraid to be.


Dream of me, it's as close as you'll ever get to Heaven in this life or the next.



Free Will And Choice

What gets me about SD, etc, and the new abortion laws is that the free will of women is being taken away by the government and the people who are pushing for this are people who think that God is leading them.

But God doesn't interfere with our free will. A quick look around will let you know that's true. He leaves us to our own minds, our own decisions, good or bad, He doesn't make them for us. Jesus didn't have the whores thrown in jail. He didn't start an end prostitution it's a sin campaign. He was a pretty cool guy, he even ate with tax collectors! Remember the whole he who has no sin thing?? It all boils down to free will and a personal relationship with God. Fellowship with Christians is a wonderful blessing but when we allow the view of man to enter into our relationship with God....well, it's not a relationship with God anymore, is it?

Jesus did get mad at the money changers for defiling His Father's house. Pretty violent. He threw stu…

Marineland With My Camera

I freaking hate Marineland. I hate zoos period, but Marineland makes me sick. I couldn't get into the warehouse to take pictures, but I'll describe it for you. Row upon row of cages, with a platform and a small pool each (nothing near as extravagant as the pool pictured here for the stars of their show!) for I would estimate 50 seals. Bars and bars and bars.

The Walruses can't see anything but walls. Nothing. I took those pictures from the roof. As soon as they saw me, they didn't take their sad little eyes off me, they tried to do tricks!!!! I had no fish, it was horrible.

But the dolphins, oh my God in Heaven, the sadness in their eyes actually made me cry. If I raised my camera, they would do flips and race around, again I had no fish.

This is HORRIBLE!!!! These poor kidnapped creatures!! Nothing to do, small tanks, dead food, it's DISGUSTING!

I'm going to try to get more pictures, the bears and the reindeer and the whales.The park is closed right now, so hopefu…

Uneducated Liberals

My goodness but what is with the education levels of the average Liberal? They don't know shit from shinola! They are ignorant of history, culture and even of what is happening around them right now!

All they say is BUSH IS BAD!!! But they have no real understanding of why. :) It cracks me up! They blab whatever their Liberal idols tell them to blab, but they can't discuss anything indepth, because they don't know anything.

It amazes me that these people think they matter. It truly does.

Arrogance and Pride

While surfing through blogs, I came across a the site of a Christian preacher. The site was nice, full of compassion and love as well as questioning and conversation.

However, one entry made me pause. The guy was talking about how he brings people to Christ and then they leave and it makes him feel like these people will burn in Hell now because he didn't keep them around.

First of all, he didn't bring anyone to Jesus. Jesus does that all on his own. This guy may have been used by God to plant a seed, but he is not God and he has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with anyone else's relationship with God.

I wondered about the opposite, if someone stays at his Church and never leaves......are they staying because of him? Because of his power and majesty????? NO NO ten thousand times NO! They are there because of THEIR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST.

Period. If they leave, who the fuck is this guy to say they have left Jesus? Huh? Maybe they just didn't like HIM! Maybe h…

I Miss Bobby

My Bobby has gone and deserted his thread
The thread began to entice me to it
To make me NOTICE him, to play with him
He couldn't take the heat so he fled the kitchen
He thought he knew what he was doing
That the word would be on his side
On his lips, on the tips of his fingers
And would crash into me like fire burning blue
Engulf me, obsure me, burn him into my eyes
Like the after-image of sun through trees
Burn his word, he wanted to burn his word
He was gonna be so cool, too cool
All the chicks would want him, but I would burn for him
He thought, he thought, he thought to himself
And I came, enticed to the trap he had set
He thought, but I had set the trap before him
And *snap* it shut on him, over him, obscured him
He struggled but it was no use he was held
Fast, tight, he could barely breathe, barely speak
Barely forms the word, even in his mind
Sweat popping on his brow, sliding down the small
Of his back he struggled uselessly, crying out
With bad limericks, grasping at rhyme in a nightmare
A fre…

With A Name Like Gardner... have to be magically apt!!!

So did anyone see Wife Swap tonight? Some Wiccanistical lady swapped with a normal lady. This Wiccanist lady was just too much, she had this COVEN!!! to more or less cook for her and sit around her house playing Harry Potter all the time. She homeschooled her daughter in Witchcraft, things like broomstick making! Magic broomstick making! Her not so unhot husband actually put up with this horrible mother of a witch who had some magic fairy who did her housework! There were bugs crawing all over everything! Geeks were hanging around on the couch all the time saying stupid things! EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!! They had voodoo altars!!!

Oh, she was the PERFECT example of a Wiccanist Priestest thingy. She said letting her children draw on the walls was self expression! Lazy! But of course anyone who thinks by saying a few words in the right order you can effect the very fabric of nature is a lazy person who has no desire to actually do anything, but just wis…

For Sage Darkmoon

So Sage, here we are.

Let's talk about God.

Let's talk about truth.

Let's talk about your demons and how only Jesus can save you.

Open your mind, Sage.

Open your heart.

Stop with the silliness. God is not a unicorn in a moonlit glade. God is not some PMSing bitch in a forest clearing baring her arms to the moon while raising a silver dagger.

I mean, really. Just think about it.

Jesus is real and He loves you so much that He died for you! God wants you back with Him. He wants to be with you forever in eternity.

I want that for you too, I really do, even though you personally disgust me. I want it because Jesus wants it.

I think you know the truth, but are fighting it. You are the lost sheep. Let Him bring you home.

Then we can be friends.