Any Thoughts?

So this guy wants to buy my property because I have one third of an acre in the busiess part of a small town dowtown. Adjoining my property is his property which contains a mini mall with 3 BigName franchises in it as well as a local video store and another building housing a huge franchise business. He just bought that for 2 million dollars, I know this because I found that property on mls easliy.

So mr.bullyface the buyer agent is calling me telling me he wants to act as a dual agent but he never calls when he says he will, he never treats me respectfully and he is refusing to tell me what his opinion is on what I should be asking for my house.

I finally just told him to go to hell. Now I'm scared, I said to his machine after he called today and said that his client was out last week (when he was supposed to come out here and totally didnt) and wanted to make an offer on Wednesday if I can give him an idea what I want. I am like ya know what? Why would I give you a commission or even deal withyou because this is ridiculous how you treat me! You are sure as hell not interested in my interests and I'm the one you want 3% of the price from! I told him have his client contact me directly.

I'm not currently listed by extreme luck, tell me anyone who knows anything because I sure don't did I fuck up or do good?

Inside I feel like I stood up for not being treated like crap, but I mean I could have sold my house. But I also think I would have gotten screwed on the price by naming it myself to someone who seeked me out.

Any thoughts?

The broker is a total wanker, btw.

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Datbury said…
Er, how about hiring your own agent? Or you could always have your property appraised. If this guy seriously wants to buy your property, spending a few bucks to get it appraised will be worth it.
Any Thoughts?

Good question! But I fear an original thought would die of loneliness in your empty little air head.
Itchy Brother said…
Why would you have to give an agent anything? Pay an appraiser a couple hundred bucks to get a reasonable value, then pay a lawyer a couple hundred bucks to draw up a contract with whatever price you want to ask.

If the buyer wants it, he'll pay. If he doesn't, drop your price or don't sell.

Unless you are desperate to sell, you don't have to do anything. What's the problem?

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