My Ben Post

Everyone's talking about Ben. Well, not everyone. Just some people.

I don't think Ben is very well liked these days. Of course there are some people who still like Ben, but they seem to be outnumbered by those who don't like Ben.

Ben was a very bad boy. He stole. He got caught. He lied about stealing. He blamed others. He blamed youth. He blamed everyone but himself.

He quit. He almost said sorry but not quite.

He reminds me of the NASA kid.

The end.


Shai said…
Wow, this Ben person sounds like a real butthole! He's not one of those says he is a Christian but acts like one of satans minions types, is he?
Marcia Brady ∞ said…
Wow, Annie, it looks like hanging out on Eschaton is having an effect on you!
AnnieAngel said…
Ummmm, I didn't call Ben any disgusting names or claim he has sex with is mother, so I don't think so, Marcia.

Shai, kinda. He's a plagiagarist.
AnnieAngel said…
By the way Marcia, Vicki and I were discussing Eschaton 2 last night....will you be going?? I will, it sounds fun!
Marcia Brady ∞ said…
I was just paying you a compliment on this as well as the abortion-rights post. Sorry it rubbed you the wrong way -- won't happen again! ;)

I will probably go to EschaCon II, depending on my work and child situation.
AnnieAngel said…
Well, common sense doesn't need to be complimented, but thanks.

So what goes on at Eschaton? Have you been to one? Is it scary? Does Al get really drunk and start reading his old poetry from college?

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