Uneducated Liberals

My goodness but what is with the education levels of the average Liberal? They don't know shit from shinola! They are ignorant of history, culture and even of what is happening around them right now!

All they say is BUSH IS BAD!!! But they have no real understanding of why. :) It cracks me up! They blab whatever their Liberal idols tell them to blab, but they can't discuss anything indepth, because they don't know anything.

It amazes me that these people think they matter. It truly does.


Anonymous said…
I'M amazed you think you matter
AnnieAngel said…
I'm amazed you think you can think.
Anonymous said…
Why are we supposed to care about you again?
AnnieAngel said…
You're not supposed to, but you do.

Naughty boy!

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