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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Liberals, put up or shut up!! You don't like what's going on in America?? DO SOMETHING!!!

Get in your cars, all at once, and drive to Crawford. They could NEVER handle the traffic it would be gridlock for miles and miles and if you stay until you are listened to, you WILL WIN.

But you won't because it's TOO EASY! It's more fun to whine on blogs all day and do nothing then it is to do the absolute MINIMUM anyone could dream to ask of you to help in the cause you claim you support.


Feel free to pass this on to all the liberals you know. I'm confident it will NEVER HAPPEN because liberals are USELESS WHINEBAGS.


  • At 30/3/06 4:51 AM, Blogger Larrysaid…

    i looked back through all your posts and you confuse me. e-mail me and straiten me out.

  • At 30/3/06 11:27 AM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Who the hell are you? I'm not emailing you, give your head a shake!

    I've had it with liberals, after the way I was trolled and spoken to on Atrios last night for coming up with this GREAT idea, I hope they all choke.

    Fuck you all. :)

  • At 30/3/06 11:30 AM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Oh and there is definate NSA on Atrios. Rorschach and his sock puppets stayed on my ass calling me meth head, and even more disgusting names the second I had typed my idea down and through the whole thread after that.

    :) Come get me NSA, like you can!!! I double dog dare ya!!! LOL!

  • At 30/3/06 12:43 PM, Anonymous Shadracksaid…

    You say

    Feel free to pass this on to all the liberals you know. I'm confident it will NEVER HAPPEN because liberals are USELESS WHINEBAGS.

    and yet I would bet that when Cindy Sheehan was down there, doing this very thing, you were among those calling her a traitorous opportunist.

  • At 30/3/06 12:54 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    Nope. I was telling everyone who supported her to drive down and join her and cause gridlock for 50 miles or more. :)

  • At 30/3/06 12:58 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I didn't come up with it on Atrios, they were whining about "what can just a normal person do" I repeated MY idea, and I'm not liberal, that I had when Sheehan was down there.

    As happened then, happened would actually mean people would have to get off their asses and do rather than type. So I got trolled.

  • At 30/3/06 1:39 PM, Blogger Jerichosaid…

    it's so easy to stay in our comfort zone and do nothing
    afterall, words are useless
    in any context
    i can say i love you every day
    but if i never show you with my actions
    my words mean nothing
    same goes for any other situation
    what can "normal" people do?
    think, for starters
    be creative
    sure, talk, blog, write letters to the editors, whatever
    but in the end, DO something

    I really have enjoyed reading your blog today, and I will visit again
    and again

  • At 30/3/06 1:45 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…


    You understand!!

    Thank-you. :)

  • At 30/3/06 4:22 PM, Blogger PoliShiftersaid…

    You should go to Iraq and report all the good news that is coming out of there!@

    The damn liberal media won't. All they do is report car bombings, torture, and exectuions, what a bunch of assholes..

    It's all the media's fault..the whole damn war is the medias fault.

    Everything that goes wrong is either the fault of the media or those damn bloggers...Except for Blogs for Bush, Red State, and Roy Robison though...

  • At 31/3/06 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymoussaid…

    liberals are USELESS WHINEBAGS

    . . . says the mewling Eschaton troll.

  • At 31/3/06 3:20 PM, Blogger AnnieAngelsaid…

    I'm the only non-troll at Eschaton.

  • At 3/4/06 1:37 AM, Blogger PoliShiftersaid…

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