I Miss Bobby

My Bobby has gone and deserted his thread
The thread began to entice me to it
To make me NOTICE him, to play with him
He couldn't take the heat so he fled the kitchen
He thought he knew what he was doing
That the word would be on his side
On his lips, on the tips of his fingers
And would crash into me like fire burning blue
Engulf me, obsure me, burn him into my eyes
Like the after-image of sun through trees
Burn his word, he wanted to burn his word
He was gonna be so cool, too cool
All the chicks would want him, but I would burn for him
He thought, he thought, he thought to himself
And I came, enticed to the trap he had set
He thought, but I had set the trap before him
And *snap* it shut on him, over him, obscured him
He struggled but it was no use he was held
Fast, tight, he could barely breathe, barely speak
Barely forms the word, even in his mind
Sweat popping on his brow, sliding down the small
Of his back he struggled uselessly, crying out
With bad limericks, grasping at rhyme in a nightmare
A frenzy of fear and helplessness drove him to blank
Staring paralysis, held fast, my word in his ears
In his ears my word beating like a drum, the beat
In his blood, my word in his veins, carrying the beat
And Bobby just stared, spit up insults as a last resort
Chunks of insult dribbled down his chin, the lamness
Magnified by drool, my word burning in him now
Holding him, the dominant language of his system
My word, beating into him, drumming in him, taking control

He crashed.

Poor Bobby.


AnnieAngel said…
I miss the good old days of WWN. I'm still waiting for their blog, it still hasn't come out yet.

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