I'm A Legend

I truly am. I've never seen a board where namestealing is part of the dynamic, aside from Atrios.

I wonder why that is? Why does Atrios encourage identity theft? You can't do it at Pandagon. Yet at Atrios, he demands that his posters steal the names of his other posters. It's interesting and probably since he lets it go on and even encourages it with his setup and his intolerance of any who do not follow his orders it's probably something he does himself. Poor Shoelimpy is banned by Atrios. He is not able to post there from his computer. Yet there is a namestealer taking his identity and using his homepage posting on Atrios in a trolling manner every day.

I wonder if Shoe could take legal action, Atrios knows Shoe is banned and yet doesn't ban his namestealer....hmmmm...any lawyers out there?

Oh and I've figured out why the threads are left to die when a new thread appears and why an open thread is no different than a topic thread....there are not enough posters to carry on a real debate blog. There are only enough to hit and hit and hit threads in an orgy of stupidity to drive the thread count up to make Atrios look like his topics are so hot people are dying to discuss them.

Once a new thread is posted Atrios forces everyone to abandon the old thread suddenly and move on to the new thereby making it look to those who don't read the discussions that an actual discussion took place.


Ah, Liberals. Can't win, so they cheat. :)


Shoelimpy™ said…
Liberals are truly the dregs of society. Were I a social Darwinist I would posit them as proof of the fact lesser human beings, creatures whose parasitic existence is a drain upon we higher beings.

Their cheating ways are only one of the many tricks that they have used in order to survive over the years. Think about it, if left to survive on their own abilities and instincts the average liberal would be dead within 5 minutes. The average Atrios poster would be dead within 3.
Anonymous said…
AnnieAngel said…
Oh, the usual persecution. You know how it is.

Very glad to see you.
Shai said…
Liberals suck almost as much as those fish that sort of wiggle all over the sides of their tanks and "puh puh puh" at the glass with their little Mick Jagger lips. Know what I'm talking about?
AnnieAngel said…
I do indeed. Very astute observation.

So tell me, are you a Christian?
Shai said…
Of course I am a Christian! I don't want to go to hell. I bet it's filled with bugs there.
Kill All Republicans, Now!

Kill A Conservative For Jesus!
AnnieAngel said…
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, Shai, but your spelling has improved. :) That's a good thing, I always said you were a nice enough girl, just not very bright.


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