For Sage Darkmoon

So Sage, here we are.

Let's talk about God.

Let's talk about truth.

Let's talk about your demons and how only Jesus can save you.

Open your mind, Sage.

Open your heart.

Stop with the silliness. God is not a unicorn in a moonlit glade. God is not some PMSing bitch in a forest clearing baring her arms to the moon while raising a silver dagger.

I mean, really. Just think about it.

Jesus is real and He loves you so much that He died for you! God wants you back with Him. He wants to be with you forever in eternity.

I want that for you too, I really do, even though you personally disgust me. I want it because Jesus wants it.

I think you know the truth, but are fighting it. You are the lost sheep. Let Him bring you home.

Then we can be friends.


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