The West Wing

It's not 24. I don't think I could get into it, there are too many balding old men. And before anyone says that Keifer is old and he's not. He's sexy. There's a difference.

But Atrios did a good job, I think. I do think he should have looked at the camera, it's not a good idea to make the jump to TV and not use it to advantage. I know he's shy about his looks, but it just made him look geekier by trying to hide. I couldn't even hear his lines, he mumbled so softly.

I guess he'll learn in time. Maybe he can get an acting coach.

(and he really should do something about the namestealers running around on his site, I mean it's theft, like what Ben did but worse, it's identity theft.)


Shai said…
I don't watch either show. I watch Stargate, and Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. In other words, my tv is nerdier than yours! ;P

But I do think bald is sexy, as long as the guy is built and bald and not flabby and bald. And he can't attempt the comb over thing either. That's just lame.
atrios said…
If you think bald and flabby is sexy, you'll love me!
Shai said…
Which part of you is flabby, minute man?
atrios said…
My balls. They're so flabby I have to carry them around in a wheelbarrow, baby.

Wanna suck on one, just to try? I'll try not to shoot you in your fucking face.
AnnieAngel said…
Well!!! Don't you sexually harrass my friends, Atrios.

I draw the line at that.

Don't push me.
atrios said…
Who the fuck do you fucking think you fucking are? I'm fucking Atrios, not some fucking high school fucking gym teacher. I fucking shoot high school gym teachers in the fucking face, ad fucking nauseum!!!

I will fucking do as I fucking please, now go fucking vote for fucking Anne to suck my fucking Dicker.

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