WHAT is WITH People?

I mean I'm flattered that you know who I am. I really, truly am. It is nice to be known.

HOWEVER....what is with the weirdos who get all excited when they see me and jump up and down and act stoopid trying to get my attention and once they have it they start being all flamey and act all tuff and serious and talk smack about me???

It's creepy!

Especially fangirls.....I mean....ewwwwwwwwww.....


Shai said…
I'm a fan, do I count?
AnnieAngel said…
No silly, you're one of us, the not to bright but nice enough one.

I mean girls like this:


She calls herself celticgirl, scroll down to near the bottom, she's a true nut.
Shoelimpy™ said…
The nuttiest nut on the internet I'd say.
Anonymous said…
My eyes! The goggles do nosthing!

This is one of the most painful to look at websites I've ever seen, and I've been to MySpace!
AnnieAngel said…
Yeah, right. I so totally hate "anonymous" fangirls.
AckSyn JAckSyn said…
I have perused this Blog.
You say that 'Liberals' Misunderstand 'Conservatives'
I cannot agree with this because the The 'Liberals' such as Crypto Fascist Jeane Kirkpatrick, Switched to the Republican Party and thus Began the Neo-Con movement.
As much as you want to call Clinton a 'Liberal' he actually was Baptist. Much like the Texas Baptists. So the Neo-Cons [Whom follow a Strauss\Hegelian approach] have duped the 'Religious Right'. The Neo-Cons are often called Lie-o-cons due their Amoral leadership. Strauss-o-cons.

You see the "Liberals" know much more than you believe. I feel that your a good person, Religion aside, and that you follow the Constitution and believe in that.

What the "Liberals" are saying when they speak of fundamentalists is the Gary North Types [Falwell, Robertson, Rushdoony] that wish to create an Ownership Society. They actually Want to and would Abolish min Wage. Abolish Government and those that owed debt would be enslaved to the Creditor.
[Think European Tudor Punishment]

In other words, as hard as it is to beleieve that their are groups of Radical Fundies that wish to Destroy America and turn it back into an Oppressive Religious European type State.

Now your starting to hate me. and I encourage that. =) for until you become sovereign, as your Lord, you are but a Party Follower.

You call people Moon Bats when you don't understand their think. Thats Judging People and YOU as a Christian KNOW Better.
I will tell you Why the 'Moon Bats' as you Say call their God 'Z'

John 1;1 The Final Word
[some say 'Z']
Do you understand?

ELOHIM is not a moon bat word
That word is found in the Egyptian Emerald Tablets.

Ya know that Pyramid thing on the Back off your Dollar Bill? The Messianic Symbol?

This Brings me to Sumeria, which can be found in the Bhagvatam, is the Circle created as the Earths precesses from Lodestar to Draconia. The Rate of Precession is about 1 deg every 72 years. 2012 is when we cross the Galactic Horizon. Its also the End Date of Mayan, Southwestern Bowl, and the I-Ching Calendars.

Moreover the Letter J didnt exist. The Khazar King took the word GHU, a province in Rome, and that Became the Word Jew.

Let me say, before I leave that you are correct that people are too quick to group one another, much of that due to TV propaganda. People then do not Vote on Fact but Emotions and Ideologies.

I am a Soverign Citizen and belong to no groups, clubs, PACS, or Parties.

Dare to Stand on your Own two Feet Sister friend -Saper Aude!
AnnieAngel said…
Errr....thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Your homepage is one of the best advertisements for the Christianity I have seen. We should all be so blessed...

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