Common Sense

People don't seem to use common sense very much these days. The powers that be have turned Americans into non-thinking, talking point spewing, neighbor hating ditto heads.

Both sides, and of course there can only be two sides, are acting like idiots. I mean, if anyone really thinks they are making a difference or making America better by hating half of the population, the half that is on the "other" side, they're stoopid. And stoopid people are the most easliy led into throwing common sense out the window.

Liberals out you actually hate conservatives just because they're conservatives? Do you assume that conservatives all think the same because of the groupthink on the net?

Conservatives, do you hate Liberals because of their beliefs? Do you think they're all a bunch of whiners based on their participation on blogs and such?

Would anyone from either side make their political decisions based on common sense rather than party lines?

Remembering of course, only those who actually speak up for whatever reason are heard.

I'm sure you don't think most gay men run around half naked covered in body glitter just because it's the image you are shown by the media.

Anyone actually brave enough to dialogue?


JR said…
Would anyone from either side make their political decisions based on common sense rather than party lines?

Insert comment about motes and beams....

It is the extreme right (I won't characterize them as "conservatives") that have destroyed common sense and made hate the norm.

The sad fact is that appropriating the name "conservative" they have tricked conservatives into going along with them.

Don't talk about the "extreme left", you don't have one with any voice in your country. What the extreme right calls "left" is pretty much the centre in the rest of the civilized world.
AnnieAngel said…
Americans only need respond.
Shai said…
I have a "friend" who is a liberal and she goes on and on all the time about "republicans this and that" and "why I hate Christians...they so mean to me..." Blah blah blah. It's so annoying. It's like they are all a bunch of automatons spewing garbage out the wholes in their heads.

I would much rather live in my world of apathy then be like them.

As usual, Annie, you are 123% right on!
AnnieAngel said…
And as usual, Shai, I can count on you to be a voice of reason and Christian love.

It is wonderful being us, isn't it?

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