With A Name Like Gardner...

...you have to be magically apt!!!

So did anyone see Wife Swap tonight? Some Wiccanistical lady swapped with a normal lady. This Wiccanist lady was just too much, she had this COVEN!!! to more or less cook for her and sit around her house playing Harry Potter all the time. She homeschooled her daughter in Witchcraft, things like broomstick making! Magic broomstick making! Her not so unhot husband actually put up with this horrible mother of a witch who had some magic fairy who did her housework! There were bugs crawing all over everything! Geeks were hanging around on the couch all the time saying stupid things! EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!! They had voodoo altars!!!

Oh, she was the PERFECT example of a Wiccanist Priestest thingy. She said letting her children draw on the walls was self expression! Lazy! But of course anyone who thinks by saying a few words in the right order you can effect the very fabric of nature is a lazy person who has no desire to actually do anything, but just wishes for some magical way to have things done for them.

I mean, what kind of looser would actually BE like these folk?

I hope the tattoo guy leaves the witch lady. He is way too sexy to be with a weirdo like that. He could find a nice Christian lady who likes tattoos.

And he's a good father, too. It's like he had an awakening when the Wiccanist lady went away.

So, my vote is Wiccanists suck. I just hope that the witch realises how she's ruining her children's lives with the whole goddess crap and starts dressing like a normal person so her kids don't end up being outcasts. It did seem at the end that she understood her Husband is to be the voice of authority in the home, through Jesus Christ our Lord, and not herself through some pretend goddess in a glade.

The children knew right away when the normal lady changed the rules that Satan had been banished and their lives were being set on a path that would lead them to something better, and someday they will realise that something better is Jesus.

I'm going to pray for them, and for their mother, and for their father, and for all the geeks who are in their COVEN!!!, I'm going to pray they leave Satan behind and take baths and clean their kitchens and cut their hair (except the sexy Husband, he is fine as is, loved the tear at the end, sensitive and yet manly) and I'm going to pray for EVERY Wiccanist our there to recognise through shows like Wife Swap which show the evil of Wiccanism and how it destroys families for all to see, to find what this father and Husband found tonight, the way to say no to Satan.

Amen. Thank-you Jesus.


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