Marineland With My Camera

I freaking hate Marineland. I hate zoos period, but Marineland makes me sick. I couldn't get into the warehouse to take pictures, but I'll describe it for you. Row upon row of cages, with a platform and a small pool each (nothing near as extravagant as the pool pictured here for the stars of their show!) for I would estimate 50 seals. Bars and bars and bars.

The Walruses can't see anything but walls. Nothing. I took those pictures from the roof. As soon as they saw me, they didn't take their sad little eyes off me, they tried to do tricks!!!! I had no fish, it was horrible.

But the dolphins, oh my God in Heaven, the sadness in their eyes actually made me cry. If I raised my camera, they would do flips and race around, again I had no fish.

This is HORRIBLE!!!! These poor kidnapped creatures!! Nothing to do, small tanks, dead food, it's DISGUSTING!

I'm going to try to get more pictures, the bears and the reindeer and the whales. The park is closed right now, so hopefully I can get some more shots.

Please don't support these places. On vacation NEVER swim with the dolphins, you can get them sick and these companies don't bother trying to treat the dolphins, they kill them for the insurance if they get sick.



Heather S. said…
Hey there, any chance you were able to take more pictures of the indoor barn?
I'm in the process of making an 'anti-marineland' flyer to distribute. Your aerial pictures of the walrus pens is disturbing, but sometime Marineland supporters need to see.
AnnieAngel said…
Sorry Heather, I wasn't able to get more pictures. Thank-you for helping by making a flyer, feel free to use these photos. Marineland should be shut down. All zoos and aquariums should be shut down, as well as "swim with the dolphin" tourist traps. Shameful! But you are right people need to see this, and hopefully one day soon these places will all be a thing of the barbaric past.

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