Well. Isn't it nice that Bush wants to let 11 million illegals stay forever. Obviously his friends rely on the cheap labor they provide. It's nothing to him that we the taxpayers will end up bearing the brunt of his stupidity through OUR taxes. Taxes meant for America and Americans, not for some horde of illegals seeking to turn America into a third world toilet.

Illegals don't pay taxes. They take jobs from Americans. For those who say Americans don't want those jobs.....give me a break. Americans will work for DECENT pay, illegals will work for enough money to buy a bowl of rice and some tequilla. And what do they do with the pittance they save? Do they spend it here in America? NOPE! They send it back to their huge families in whatever fetid jungle they came from.

And do they respect America? By PROTESTING. They are illegals. They have NO RIGHT to protest. They don't vote they are not citizens and therefore have no rights here!

Let them go back to Columbia or El Salvador and they can have all the protests they want! All the rights they want too! Why the HELL should we be responsible for the fact they breed like rabbits and their countries are corrupt armipit shitholes?


It boggles the mind. Ship them home. Ship them all home now. If I were in charge, the protest would have ended with a great big roundup with no ID checks, just put them all on a raft and push it out to sea far enough that it can't drift back.

Bush is greedy and his friends are greedy and we're stuck with a great big bunch of the unwashed masses as a permanent under-working class.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! If we don't do something, we'll be eating onions covered in immigrant urine for the rest of time.


Obviously said…
And racist, too?

Dang, you're the gift that just keeps on giving.
AnnieAngel said…
If you make one more anonymous post, I'll delete it.
Obviously said…
I am still curious about how you would answer the charges that your post is not racist.

And I am clearly willing to meet your demands to get it.
AnnieAngel said…
My post is not racist, so why would I need to answer charges it isn't???

Thanks for making a blog with no posts on it, I'm usre you just surf blogger all the time with no blog of your own.

Why are you hiding? Who are you? How did you get here? Answer those truthfully and we canbe friends. Continue to hide and play these games, and I'll treat you accordingly.
AnnieAngel said…
What am I saying, a blog with no posts, there isn't even a blog!

Oh honey, you really suck at whatever it is you're trying to do here.
Obviously said…
I'm not hiding or playing any games.

Think of me as your audience. I saw the bruhaha at Jesus's General, and I found you making comments on several other Lefty sites (like your favorite, Atrios) and I thought you sounded like a bizarre sort of parody. You must admit that you come off a little heavy on the rhetoric.

So I googled your handle and found your blog, "ta da". That's it. There's no grand conspiracy.

But I really would like to know this. You claim that the post is not racist, but I disagree. What should I make of your statement that "they will work for a enough money to buy a bowl of rice and some tequila"? How about the notion that "they breed like rabbits and their countries corrupt armpit shitholes"?

Do you really think that statements about how immigrants are "so fucking lazy that they can't change the shithole they're from to better" don't sound even a teensy bit racist? Is it just an attempt at "edgy humor" or do you really feel that it is not racist to characterize all immigrants from across our southern border as lazy good-for-nothing alchoholics from "fetid jungles"?
Shai said…
Right on Annie! I can count on your blog to be a voice of reason. It makes me sick to see them parading on Washington waving Mexican flags. Like Mexico so much? Go back!
They have no right to help themselves to our welfare system. It's not our obligation to spend all of our money giving free stuff to migrant coke heads who are pissing in our imported green onions laughing at us while we gobble them up at Chi-Chi's.
Keep speaking the truth. It's not racist, it's just fact. You're awesome Annie!
AnnieAngel said…
Jesus General was quite a while ago. What name did you use there? What name do you use on Atrios? No one lurks Atrios, it's a social forum. What other sites do you claim to have seen me on and what name do you use there?

As Shai stated very well, fact is not racism. Truth is not racism.
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks, Shai. I think all this PC bullshit needs to end and truth needs to be spoken, no matter if it's harsh. If these illegals put half as much effort into making their own countries better as they do in organizing these huge protests, they wouldn't need to come here to live off our teats.
Obviously said…
Well, if you really think that nobody lurks Atrios, then I hate to tell you that you're wrong. I've made maybe 8 comments there ever, under this name. Although, I do rarely make it very far into the 200 million comment posts. And I never comment at Patriotboy. But I find that skimming the comments of huge open forums can be useful.

And as for it being a long time ago, the internet remembers forever (nearly). People link to this or that and refer back to things that happened a few months ago.

But you were fairly tenacious, and like I said, seemingly overheated. To the point that I suspect you of being a confusing meta-troll concerned primarily with seeking attention in other forums.

But reading what you have here, I am not so sure about that first impression. So I'm here to engage you as a new person, hooray for the internet.

Back to the news, though. Your claim then, if I understand it correctly is that it is an actual fact that immigrants are "fucking lazy"? I don't really see how you can characterize the work that they do for the small amount of money they actually make as "living off our teats". The wages they make wouldn't likely be enough to be considered taxable income anyway. That's why legally recognizing them and paying them a higher wage would be a good thing, because then they would have the recognition required to be counted, and they would make wages substantial enough to be taxed, thus they could support the infrastructure they take advantage of. Why would this be a bad thing?

My second question for you is this, do you think that it was wrong for Europeans to leave places where they were persecuted for religious beleifs or held in indentured servitude to the Americas? Or should they have stayed and waged an extensive activist campaign to reform Europe instead? Would you categorize the Calvinist puritans who abandoned England and then Denmark for America as fucking lazy because they didn't stick it out back in their own home?
AnnieAngel said…
So let me get this straight. You're coming on here, anonymously, although I think it's funny you were more than happy to make a blogger ID as if it made a difference, and more or less calling me a perhaps troll/racist/bizzare parody and demanding I answer to you?

LOL!! Go away, Ntodd.
Obviously said…
Well, in my defense, I am not saying that you're a bizarre parody. I am saying that I initially suspected that you might be a bizarre parody, but that after I found you here, I'm convinced otherwise.

And, while I did open with the "and racist too" line, I'm not saying that you're a racist. I am saying that your arguments on immigration do share a certain line of rhetoric with traditional racist arguments, though. But I suspect that your over-the-top attitude is more your style of writing rather than a line-by-line statement of actual belief (if that even made sense).

I'm also not demanding that you answer anything. (especially not TO me) I came here, to your place. You're interesting enough that I felt like it was worthwhile to stick around. But, if you're put off by folks asking you questions about your stuff, then don't answer. I can live with that.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I don't agree with you about a great deal of stuff. But, then, if I only talked with people that I agree with about everything, I'd never learn a damn thing, I suppose.

I do agree with you that this administration's motivations are in all likelyhood entirely based on greed. That's usually not a good position to make policy decisions from, in my opinion.

And lastly, I'm not Ntodd. I can't think of any way to really prove to you that I'm not, though. I'm also glad that you appreciated my ad-hoc blogger registration. And that you've indulged me to the extent that you have. Thanks!

If you don't mind to much, I might stick around. But if you do mind too much, say the word and *poof* I am gone like so much smoke.
AnnieAngel said…
God you're full of yourself. Stay or go, I don't care. Just lay off the over the top, patronizing bullshit and we'll get along fine.
Dan Someone said…
So basically, you're more concerned with the irrelevant details of who "obviously" is and how s/he knows you from other blogs, and completely unwilling to answer the serious questions s/he asked about your post. Have I got that right?

Or do you intend to answer obviously's questions some day?
AnnieAngel said…
Obviously is obviously a troll who has been ignored by me elsewhere and so has decided to come on here and be all superior and trolly.

I don't answer questions from trolls because they aren't interested in the answers, just in trolling.

Don't like it, get your own blog and you can answer to idiots all day. I don't have time for it.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if anyone finds it surprising that annieangel isn't aware of the FACT that the US administration is responsible for much of the "shithole" quality and ruthless dictaters that have run many of these countries? I visited this site once in the past and it only took 15 seconds for annie to call me a troll. I see that this hasn't changed one bit. The idea that she claims to be a holier than thou christian, meanwhile spewing venom and hate about other human beings just goes to show what kind of Christianity she follows. Let the countdown to annie calling me a troll begin.... 5...4...3...2...
AnnieAngel said…
Should I wear my hip boots while I call you a troll?

Anonymous said…
You're slowing down. It took more than twenty minutes this time. Maybe you could hire a mexican immigrant worker to help you track these posts more quickly.
AnnieAngel said…
You looking for a job??
Anonymous said…
Oh, I see. That's supposed to be a slam (to imply that I'm a Mexican). Very clever. And also very racist. How you sit here and pontificate about your Christianity with a straight face is beyond me. Enojy burning in hell, since that's where you'll be.
AnnieAngel said…
It's racist to offer an immigrant a job? How's that? Or is it only racist if they're Mexican?

Cholo said…

well annie, this is no fact, the reason why third world countries stay the way they are (or improve very little) is because we (first world countries) need them to be poor. We live off their backs, because of corrupt governments, low production costs and wages, and dispensible workers those countries are a haven for companies. Resulting in high profits wich they in turn can partly use to raise living standards in the first world.
See, it's in our short-term interest that those countries stay poor, corrupted, etc.

btw: I noticed you don't like anonymous posters, i'm from revleft and noticed your rant about liberals wich made me click the websitelink on the bottom, just to find out you haven't changed your stance on immigrants

remember this: people aren't born illegal, they are made this way
AnnieAngel said…
So we can just say, oh their governments are corrupt! They should be allowed to come here rather than work to get rid of the corrupt governments?????

That is not living on your feet! It's living on your knees.

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