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A Post To My Blog

For Marcia Brady, cuz I think her brother Peter is hot.

New Post, For AG

Can you see this, cuz I sure can't.



I have no idea what the little white peppers are. The round brown things are called, "dasheen" apparently. I have no idea what to do with them .


Happy Yank Holiday!

Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls on Canada Day. It was awesome. The Princess Membership Club card on the Michael Jackson star was mine. Also, I ate waaaaaay too much.

Happy Canada Day!!!!

You Gotta See The Special Man!

Let her have it!!!

Rodeo Flip

Wow. Just wow. Wow.

Rest In Peace, Michael

What a bad day today.

Rest In Peace, Farrah



.....don't have much of a sense of humour.

More Falls Fun


Happy Solstice!

It seems like it took FOREVER for summer to get here.

My Dinner

Ikea. It's Swedish for yummy.


What I've been up to today.

Scary, Huh?

They need to put this on the bench outside MacDonalds at Wal-Mart.

I Love The Falls


Pretty In Pink


And I Wonder...

I'm sure I've posted this before but I don't care it's my damn blog and I'll post it over and over if I feel like it!!! I'm in love with this guy, also, such pretty hair.

Shake It Shake It

It's such a fucking beautiful fucking day. Amen.

I Wanna Be A Lion

Everybody wanna pass as cats... Now dance!!! *edited to wonder why all the women in this video look like they want to kill themselves or something, not one smile on any of them ever!! shai, it's your duty to search out this band's myspace and find out!!!

Give Me A Break

Two cats, one tree. Someone has to go.

Trust Me

Blah Blah Blah

Getting Drunk

It's the "in" thing to do. It really is. People who aren't drunk right now are most likely at fault for all the problems in the lives of those who are. I mean, give us a fucking break, we like to drink ok? We like to have fun with our friends, ok? We enjoy puking on the street, and pissing wherever we feel like it. Also, we spit, or hork and swallow, whatever fits the situation. If you don't understand that, there's something wrong with you. Worst song EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you find the fishy?

Sasquatch Sighting

It's Funny...

Cuz I have this rule too. ;)

Awwwwwwww, So Sweet

Gone Fishin'


Music For A While

You Told Me So

Now let's never speak of this again. *gets back in the goddamned boat, sighs, blinks, sips tea, passes Shai a cookie*

Baby You're The Best

He Is Risen!!!

Yes He is!!!!! Happy Easter Everyone!!

Have A Good Friday

Easter Flowers

Oh so pretty, pretty-pretty.

Kleine Taschenlampe Brenn'

Schreib "Ich lieb' dich" in den Himmel....

Those People

Can be real jerks when they want to be. Which is usually, not that I'm saying they always want to be, just that they seem to hit "jerk" as default because in their raggy little hearts they don't care about the rest of us. They think the rest of us should just be happy to bask in the light of their presence, that it's a priviledge or something. They think saying "I'm sorry" has meaning if they just say the words. You'll be so happy you'll jump right up and make them a sandwich! Two if the first one wasn't big enough to fill their hollow leg. Also, they think they are so good at everything but they aren't. The rest of us just say they are so they feel good about themselves and then go away. Also too, those people want a pat on the back for doing what they should be doing anyway. The rest of us understand responsibility and don't ask for praise, not that we get any from them, but we don't ask. Those people do, they not only as

Food Is A Good Thing

Ever touch your tongue to a battery? The dark green stuff is so hot it feels like that when you eat it. My eyes were sweating. Delicious!!

Nena Rulz

Except she never ever should have licked Markus' nipple. That was just wrong.

Du Bist Das Schönste Kind

Wherever This Is

I wanna go live there forever.

Work In Progress

It will be much cooler when it's done and I get some hokeyspokes.

Even More Flowers

Actual conversation: Him: So you like flowers? Me: Yes, don't you? Him: No.

I Actually Complained It Was Too Hot

Because, well, it was. Or I had on too many clothes. One or the other.

Wind Power

It's fucking awesome.

Pink And Red

Are my favourite colours. Also, a little bit of orange never hurt anyone.

Mas Flores

I love yellow roses. I dunno what the other kind is called, but they sure are pretty. The flash kinda ruined the colours, I'll take another tomorrow, maybe. :) This is my attempt at a better picture. :)

Where The Fokowi?

Am I too hard on myself? What do you think?

*smiles, blinks*

*Sighs happily.* Even though I'm a total idiot and shouldn't have done it. I definately shouldn't ever do it again. That would be wrong for so many reasons. Exciting, but wrong. :) See that smile? That's the smile of someone who isn't listening to me. :) There's another one. :) I just can't stop!!!! :)

Happy Dude

I wish I could be as happy as the guy in the beginning of this video. Even just for a minute.

Sadly, No!

Still sucks. Did Brad ever rent his room in his shitty apartment? Did Gavin ever admit he's Brad? Did Jennifer ever get rid of those crabs she picked up in Brazil? Who knows. Who cares.

Last One

*passes out at the keyboard, realises she's very sick, wonders how she can realise that while passed out* *wonders if realise should have a "z" instead of an "s", decides it's not important* *smiles, blinks*

And More!

More Seether

Because it's my blog and I love him. :P

Still Sick

I'm still sick and I can't sleep at all because when I lay down my nose clogs totally and drives me freaking bananas. Sometimes I feel better and think I'm ok but then after I start doing stuff I realise I'm not. *sniff* I went out on Saturday because I felt fine, but I wasn't fine, it was a feint. Within a feint, within a feint. You know? *blows nose* I mean, how is that possible? To feel fine one minute and the next minute I'm sick again. Huh? AG?? I'm looking at you. You know about this kind of stuff. *horks politely* Fuck. Fuck fuckidy fuck fuck. How will I know if I'm really better or not? This could go on forever! *grumbles and feels sorry for herself cuz no one else will* Yes, I'm whiny. So what? Yes I have a red nose, DUH! And stuff. Grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooan. I'm tired, I've had like 4 hours sleep since Saturday. Not good. Not good a tall. I don't even know what I'm typing. I'm going to

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

For Shai

:) :) :) Love you lots!

Mis Flores

I really, really, really like getting flowers. Getting two bouquets in one day?? That's a good thing. :)

I'm Sick

I'm all stuffed up and I can't stop sneezing. Sneezing is very tiring. Make it stop. Please? Someone? Anyone?

Happy HNT!

Check out my new jacket! Happy HNT Everyone!

Another Hot Drunk

I sense a theme!!!!!!

Hot Hot Hot

Gorgeous and a great singer, but when he talks you realise he's a doofus. There's always a trade off. Also, drunks are no fun. They think they are, but they're not. Sigh.

Application To Date Me

1. Must have a job. And don't give me any bullshit about being laid off for the winter, or any crap about part-time whatever. Unless you're fishing crab, you should be working every day. Every. Fucking. Day. And no office jobs, you've got to have a job where you work with your hands and get all dirty. NO EXCEPTIONS. 2. Must have a car, and not a piece of shit, but a decent car. I don't care if it's fancy as long as it isn't embarassing. And it should always have gas in it, I will check the gauge. If it's always near empty, you're probably a looser. 3. Try to be at least 28 and no older than 39. I might go younger if you're like hot and mature and stuff, but I won't go older. 4. I like candy. 'Nuff said. Or it should be enough said. But it usually isn't. So just buy me some candy and don't make me tell you again. 5. Should know absolutely nothing about computers or the internet and shouldn't care. 6. Must be able to fix stuff

Dirty Deeds

Done with sheep?


There must be more exciting things in Lawrenceville Georgia to do than surf my blog. I dunno who you are for sure, but I have my suspicions you're a certain asshole. If you're not a certain asshole, please leave a post so I know who you are. KK? Thanks. If you are a certain asshole, fuck the fuck off, why do you care what I'm doing? Hmmmm? FUKKER.

There Are No Words

Well, I'm sure there are lots, actually. But let's just think them in our heads. *hat tip to racymind

The Hell of the Planetary Souls

"Well I know, now, this dim lake of Auber-- This misty mid region of Weir-- Well I know, now, this dank tarn of Auber, This ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir."

We're Not Doing That Anymore

It hit him in his haid.

That's Hot

Or not. What an idiot. And he has a friend to film him doing whatever it is he is doing. Or I should say, whyever it is he's doing.

I Want Fun, I Want Fun!!!

A clip from Tom Cruise's new Nazi movie. He's always hated that Hitler guy. And yes, I do like this song. I like it a lot. I'm going to dance now!

My Addiction

Best Socks On The Internet!

I love my new socks! Happy HNT!!


You're looking on the wrong blog. :)

We Few, We Happy Few....

The dead do not think about acting.

It's Funny Cuz It's True

It's Booklay

Love, let me sleep tonight on your couch....and tomorrow night too....maybe for a week or so, just until I get my shit together....

5 Minutes Of Beauty

Anything Can Happen

When you drink in the afternoon. Oh, wait.....hmmmm nevermind. :)




That's a bag of Wasabi Peas that she just couldn't stay away from. She didn't eat any, but she sure thought about it. Strange cat.

Keep Your Stick On The Ice!

It was almost like The Omen! Or Rudolph! Elf even! But he managed to make it back to safety after a few harrowing seconds. ;) Remember, always use your hockey stick to test the piece of ice you're standing on. It just makes sense.

Boats 'n' Hoes

Step Brothers is a very funny movie, not offensive in any way at all. Plus, Will Ferrell is in it. :) He's been called the songbird of his generation, you know.