Those People

Can be real jerks when they want to be. Which is usually, not that I'm saying they always want to be, just that they seem to hit "jerk" as default because in their raggy little hearts they don't care about the rest of us.

They think the rest of us should just be happy to bask in the light of their presence, that it's a priviledge or something. They think saying "I'm sorry" has meaning if they just say the words. You'll be so happy you'll jump right up and make them a sandwich! Two if the first one wasn't big enough to fill their hollow leg.

Also, they think they are so good at everything but they aren't. The rest of us just say they are so they feel good about themselves and then go away.

Also too, those people want a pat on the back for doing what they should be doing anyway. The rest of us understand responsibility and don't ask for praise, not that we get any from them, but we don't ask. Those people do, they not only ask for praise, they expect it without asking. Taking out the garbage is a chore, not something above and beyond the call of duty.

They need to learn that.

"I work, I work!!" Yes, that's nice. What else should you be doing? Selling crack? Sitting home on welfare??? A job is a job, you work it, you leave it, you do it again tomorrow.

Live with it, you people, live with it.

I'm sure I could rant forever, but I know we all understand what I'm saying. We're not stupid. We're not those people.

We know the score. We play the game, too. We take advantage of those people constantly. And they're too stupid to even know it.

So in closing, remember, "Guns Don't Kill People, "Those People" Kill People."

Those people don't get that, but the rest of us do.


Shai said…
Those people can be the biggest pains in the ass.
AnnieAngel said…
I hear ya, sister.

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