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Why Bowling Green Has Such A Big Sign

You might think the HUGE sign is there to lead dirty old men to the Corvette museum, but you'd be wrong. They don't have time to visit museums, they're too busy cruising high schools at lunch.The real reason is the Public Theatre of Kentucky. I mean, the way they spell "theatre" just screams class.LOL.Bowling Green, Kentucky, don't go there. No matter how big the sign is, it pretty much sucks.

DiVine, The Living Garden

I was priviliged while at the Opryland Hotel to see this beautiful creation. If you go hereThe Living Gardenand look for her, DiVine, under performances in the sidebar, you can watch a video.

She's unreal. :)Merry Christmas Everyone!

Virgin Men, Hot or Not??

Men Suck

I'll be the first to admit that I take a lot of shit from men in relationships. I'm totally admitting it. But an ex-friend of mine is like.....making me cry when I read her blog. She's just, I dunno. I've never liked the guy who dumped her, never liked him one bit. I've got this radar thing inside me and it goes off loud for "sleaze." This guy had it going off like a siren. But she stayed with him and so I pretended to like him. I didn't, but I pretended.

Now he's dumped HER. HE dumped HER. He is an ugly, low paid, freak who can't even get it together long enough to NOT flirt with me online. She is a beautiful, well paid professional woman in a career that is usually reserved for men. She's one tough bitch.

But like this guy is like...........being a total fucking asshole. He dumped her, but he calls her everyday. He should thank GOD that a woman like her would even speak to a piece of shit like him. She changed for him so much when they sta…

A Good One ;)

Language Is A Virus

Adorable Girlfriend

Is there a problem I don't know about??


Oh. My. Jesus.

This is just........too much. It's just too much. Read it yourself, I don't know what to say except it's too much.

Terrorist Loving Liberals

Shoelimpy has more news on this over on Blogging Points,click this linkbut it seems that it has been confirmed that members of the Democratic party have been meeting with the terrorist group Hamas.

That's right. Democrats are meeting with terrorists now. These bastards should be forced to account for their actions. And then they should be shot as traitors.

We are at WAR with terror!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!! What the fuck kind of bullshit is this?????

Glory To God!!

This is the highest definition digital picture in the world.

And what a beautiful picture it is. It's amazing, you can get so close you can see the paint chipping off the wall.

Praise Jesus!

I Made A Youtube Too!

Lassie Come Home!

To hear the kickass Spanish version of the song,click here. The song loads into the page itself.

Happy Music!

I used to dance around the house to this theme when Blossom was on tv. LOL! I just might do it again now. :)

Lying Flyers

I hate it when stores lie. I usually ignore the "too good to be true" advertized sales because I don't like crowded stores and crazy people. But a local store has been having pretty good sales and this week their flyer was amazing so I decided to go for it.

For example, the items I wanted were a digital camera with video capabilities that takes up to 243 photos for $9.99 and a 1 gig key drive for $29.99. !!!

But the thing is, the store didn't get either of those items in. At first, dude told me that they had 72 of the cameras and there had been a line out the door to get them. I said, WOW, the store only opened 10 minutes ago!!! That's an amazing lie!!! Then the other dude said, no we only had 14 of the cameras. I asked how long that line had been. :) Then it was admitted to me that this "particular" store had not received either of the items and that the flyer is a "standard" flyer. I was told I could drive an hour to another store and see if t…