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Is there a problem I don't know about??


Very much so! AG cannot get into the details but scientific fraud has been exposed and AG is not standing for it. It's truly unacceptable and without reproach. Human lives are more precious than cash.

With regards to Pinko he is a sexist POS. AG is fed up with him mocking Anne Bartlow and Ann Althouse or AG. He goes after women with a vengenance and tries to keep us down. AG let is ride until he made his own category to mock AG as "AG Shenanigans". He was asked not to do it and he continued to do so.

AG e-mailed him and it was agreed that if AG didn't make homosexual references anymore, he'd remove the category. Gregor used it several weeks later and AG chewed him a new one. Nothing more happened until last night.

AG refuses to speak to any of the 3Fools until an apology is made as a post on 3Fools and Pinko admits his blatant hatred of women. Whether we are good Christian wives or single Jewish recklooses, his hatred will not be tolerated.

AG is putting her cookie bowls and baking mits down on this one.

How's everything going Annie? It's such a shame we aren't in Canada with UC's family for Chanukah this year. I'd love to have you over for some brisket and latkes on Friday. We'll have to do it next time we visit which may not be until April/May.
AnnieAngel said…
I'd love to meet you, AG. :)

I think it's horrible that people would use the work of others as their own. I'm with you 123% on that one. The should be keelhauled.

I tried to post on your blog, but my posts disappear, I blame Pinko for it. He has somehow made me invisible, and I hate him. Can you fix it? Annie likes posting on AG's blog.

Pinko hates Annie, and Annie doesn't know why. Annie used to think Pinko and Annie were friends, and then she realized he was a liar when he turned everyone against Annie at SadlyNo.

Personally, I think he hates strong women. He mocks them and tries to make them feel embarassed for being women. But Annie doesn't ever feel that way, and Pinko can't deal with it.

He can't deal with AG, either. His apology will be sarcastic, and full of non-sense. I think all women should boycott tres bueys. Cuz, that's what they are, they are the castread bull that has to work his ass off in the field.


Annie is very glad that AG isn't angry with her!!!
AnnieAngel said…
Castrated bull. :) That's Pinko. Un buey. :)
AnnieAngel said…
I wnet over there and I told Pinko off and I called for a boycott until he tells you he is sorry.
Thanks for your comments Annie. Res and I spoke earlier about the comment eating. It does it to AG everyday and we fish them out on a daily basis. Res will look into when he has more time to decipher what's Akismet's problem with some bloggers.

I know about the Pinko thing with SadlyNo! because I spoke with Brad personally about it. He does not share Pinko's thoughts. Pinko is a misogynist and a player. I hope all of the women on the blogosphere call him out on his stuff because other than Amanda, not even Geenie Cola, has he not somehow turned on them.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Pinko Punko is a disgusting pigdog. I have never seen him once be nice to a woman.
AnnieAngel said…
I give up on Pinko. I don't understand why people would pretend to be my friend and then act like he did just to be mean. He hurt my feelings but I am over it and his friendship.

I'm glad Brad doens't feel the same, I actually like Brad and Gavin. I like Brad more though.

But Pinko made a stupid reply to my post on his blog, he can go blow emus for all I care.
AnnieAngel said…
(annie is glad you didn't ban her! she was confused and ready to be sad)
AnnieAngel said…
And to tell the truth, the reason I dropped out of the bake-of is because of how Pinko acted on SadlyNo. I was actually geting ready for you all to hate me too, and I was going to just go away forever until you came and posted over here.

That made me feel happy. :)
No, we don't share Pinko's hatefulness. In fact, Res sent me a private e-mail to say how sorry he was about you dropping out. 3Fools and RoD are not one in the same. We have our own friends and way of doing things. Pinko can run his show however he wants. AG is not his mother. However, just because he feels or acts one way does not me we agree or wish to engage him.

RoD is a tolerant group. We recognize not everyone shares our views. We do our best to not post them on others blogs. We may at times engage folks to understand more about where they are coming from. However, we don't take people to the woodshed. Nothing comes from that in the electronic world. Additionally Pinko does it for the fame. Ever notice that Brad and Gavin really don't visit others blogs and trash talk? They talk on their blog and keep it pretty much contained to there.

Pinko is nothing more than a bully. A 3 foolie bullie. AG has said it before that if he spent more time with his nose in the Bible and less time rejecting Christ's love and passion, a lot less people would have issue with him. Instead he sits on his sinner throne talking trash about others in a vain attempt to keep the spotlight off of him and his obvious self esteem matters.

The only thing we can do now is expose him and move on. I wouldn't worry much about Brad and Gavin. They've never banned you and unless you are really egregious, they won't. They are reasonable and they like a nice discourse. Unlike Pinko who wants to debate and show off.

Shoe is correct about his female issues. Look at how he blames Geenie Cola for Res losing last year's bake-off. I find this interesting because how could she have been the tie breaker? AG and UC voted separately. Thus, if we disagreed, we canceled each other out. How could Geenie have ruined it for Res? Pinko cheated and asked only Geenie to vote and then he blames her. Unfortunately Geenie doesn't read teh blog, so she doesn't know what he is saying about her. It's sad. Geenie is a super awesome woman and she is being brought down by Pinko.

And Shoe, he's only nice to a woman who hates another woman or one that can smack down better than him. Hence, his love of Amanda at Pandagon. Just look at his blog. He makes fun of Blue Girl in his blogroll. His blogroll!!
Shoelimpy™ said…
Miss Annie can smack down better than anyone and Punko still hates her.
AnnieAngel said…
Is Amanda the lesbian that banned you, Shoe? Not that being a lesbian matters to me, I just know that a lesbian banned Shoe over there. I've never been to Pandagon. I don't like debating politics with idiots online. The stupid schoolyard shit is tres boring.

I don't understand the whole internet clique thing. I guess it's because I like to think for myself. :)

But I like you AG. I never really liked Pinko. He always seemed like the type who talks behind your back and tries to cause trouble.

I'm glad we're friends. :)

And I'll try to be more egregious over at SadlyNo. Thanks for the tip!!!
Shoelimpy™ said…
I don't remember who the lesbian was, Miss Annie. It might have been her.
I'm sure Annie smacks it down pretty fast and hard. Pinko is just very particular in how it is done. It has to be in his emu style or he's not satisfied.

In fairness, what happened that someone felt the need to ban you Shoe? Was it a matter of disagreement or something else? To get banned it usually has to be something major.
AnnieAngel said…

This is a nice comment which I make to Pinko, thinking we were friends. But soon his true colors showed through and he decided to start a fight for no reason. His butt monkeys flew out of his ass right away and began to act like a bunch of 12 year olds. Check it out and laugh at the idioticy.

Pinko's claim to fame is being a joke and not in a cool way. Every time I laugh with Pinko, I'm usually laughing AT him more.

He's lame. His blog sucks. He isn't funny and the words he makes up are stupid. Not that he actually makes up words, he just picks out gay words that already exsit but no one likes.

I mean, seriousfully!!!

I feel embarassed for him and for the people who play along with him.

He's teh gay.
Res is gay. And Res is cool. Pinko's not even cool enough to be gay. He's lost in this big world. Little that can be done.

Forget about him.

In other news did you read about condoms being too big in India? Kid you not.
AnnieAngel said…
Oh and then Brad jumped on the let's trash Annie on her Bloggiversary wagon and put up a thread with a picture of me that he doctored to make my legs look like they are on a big fat naked guy. And it wasn't the first time he used that picture to mock me.

Gentleman indeed. Notice how they trash me for being female CONSTANTLY? Ask for pictures of my tits??? The HNT crowd is polite and nice, but you can tell them from anyone of the liberal assholes who come on here on HNT day. Oh and their other fave is to say I'm really a man, cuz you know AG, there is no such thing as a woman with a brain. Or they call me a tranny. They are so creative, lol. Bunch of sexist assholes, and their womenfolk bend over backward to call me a cunt so the skinny half fag posters like Pinko can pat them on their fat little cyber heads.

I mean Jillian can fuck herself for all I care, yet she seems to think she needs to follow me around and tell people not to talk to me I'm a troll, interupt conversations I am having with SHIT and hey, if I say anthing, then I'm the asshole. That's how SadlyNo works. It's a pretty pathetic blog. They treat me like shit just cuz I'm not a liberal. Like total shit, mind you.

Conservatives do not act like that. It's disgusting. But at least everyone who reads that blog can see what those people are really like. :D
AnnieAngel said…
Not gay as in homosexual. Gay as in really, horribly lame.

Gay has more than one meaning. Gay people need to stop being so gay and hogging all the words.
AnnieAngel said…
LOL, yes I did hear about the penis problem in India. XD
Shoelimpy™ said…
I committed the most horrendous of all sins, AG. I made fun of the Simpsons.
Shoelimpy™ said…
shoelimpy Apr 8th, 2006 at 9:15 pm

Boycott the Simpsons! It is a horrible show that pretends to be anti-authority but is in fact another cog in the male domination machine that has been in place for milennia! It is evil! Destroy, destroy, destroy! Kill Homer! And Marge! And Bart!! And Lisa!!! They must all be killed or suffer the consequences of living in a patriarchal world!

THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!

That is what got me banned at Pandagon
AnnieAngel said…
So if Shoe spanked Amanda so hard she banned him.....does that mean Pinko is in love with Shoelimpy??
AnnieAngel said…
Annie was excited and started talking gym talk, sorry about the half fag thing, that is slang for someone who can't bench his own wight, and it's bad, it might go back far and be a reference to being light as a piece of wood, but Annie thinks she has picked up a bad phrase and will not use it again. She will not substitue pussy however, that is offensive too.

She has no good words. :(
Annie, I saw the Brad thing and I think he was just having fun with you. Brad doesn't have it out for you. It's more that Gavin loves photoshopping everything. Gavin will photoshop his own mother's picture if he's bored. Take it as a compliment.

Frankly, this was the first time I read SadlyNo! comments where you got attacked. I visit there now and again, but am pretty busy these days.

I agree that for the most part that you didn't do anything. You certainly did not appear to start it in that particular thread of comments.

You are correct that the commenters over there are super clique-y. Which is fine. They can do whatever they want. Nevertheless, there is no need for name calling and antics when someone comes along and causes no problems. Don't get me wrong, it's one thing if someone comes along and makes trouble. However, it's another if they are talking and being friendly enough.

I cannot really speak to what that clique's deal is because I don't really hang with those guys. As I said, I've met Brad in person and he's a nice guy. Yes, we discussed you because I didn't know you when I asked him about you. He was very pleasant and really just talked about how he likes to blog and gets a kick out of your blog. End of story. He wasn't about the fame or glory the way his groupies appear to be. Just him and Gavin having fun. That's about it.

Unfortunately they cannot control their commenters. I think people go over there to show off in an effort to look smart. Brad is one smart guy. Much smarter than some other bloggers with PhDs and MDs that I know. People get all hot pants over that and try to one up because they feel inferior. Those threads can be real eye sores sometimes.

And in fairness, there are some smart folks there too. However, the clique mentality makes it hard to see that. What can I say, AG appreciates you're a Veronica and not a Heather in that posse.

You need to continue being Annie. Brad and Gavin like you and that's why they engage you by photoshopping and stopping by here now and again. You shouldn't worry about what the others have to say. I know you don't, but I wouldn't even say a word to them. It validates their exsistence. Jillian is not your concern. She doesn't even have her own blog. That says a lot right there.
Shoe, what transpired before that? You made that comment and next thing you were banned? That makes no sense. Amanda is pretty reasonable. Kind of odd, huh?

And I have to say, it's not about liberal or conservative thing with Amanda or Jillian. People are people. Terrible people come in all shapes and sizes, IMHO.
AnnieAngel said…
Brad and Gavin never stop by here. :( They think they're better than my silly pink blog. :'(
Shoelimpy™ said…
Where my last post was.

Where I was banned

I was only there for three or four days. Guess I don't make a very good impression on people.
AnnieAngel said…
Annie thinks AG needs a personal blog where she only posts as well as posting on Republic of Dogs.

Then she can delete Pinko.
Brad and Gavin don't comment on many blogs. Rather my sense is that they swing by here because they know what you've been talking about.

I like blogging with my peeps. I cannot committ to blogging all the time. It's nice to be able to rely on Midniter and Res. Thanks for the compliment, though.

Shoe, I'll have to check out the link.
Fish is also a POS too! He called AG a stalker at his blog today. He better not start because unlike the others who AG eithers know in person or doesn't know beyond nanobot, AG has Fish dirt that he knows nothing about that AG will use if he pushes the envelope over the desk.

Annie, what is it with these men on the Internets? (Sorry Shoe, AG needs to lump your peeps together for the point of conversation).
AnnieAngel said…
IMO, most guys on the net are freaks.
AnnieAngel said…
Gavin a Brad had better stop reading my blog. I'm mad at them both, mostly Gavin.

They are not allowed to read my blog until Gavin says sorry to me for being a dick and for encouraging dickotry in others.
I don't think you can stop them from reading it. Perhaps AG could talk to Gav. He's one of the good guys. He's reasonable. Unlike Finko Fucko.
AnnieAngel said…
I don't know how much of a good guy Gavin is. To me, he's a dick.
AnnieAngel said…
And Pinko put that horrible category up again on his stupid blog.
We'll get to the bottom of Gav's issues. Therapy and apologies it is!

Pinko is such a prick.
AnnieAngel said…
For some reason I think I'm being played with, AG.

It could be because you and Pinko seem chummy as ever, or because mine are the only posts that disappear after they show up on your blog.

Either way, this is weird.
No being played. Let me fish through Akismet. If you are banned, FYI -- a GUI pops up and tells you that.

Pinko and I are not chummy. As I said in his e-mail to ask why he is in trouble again he is in so deep it will be mega emus before he and AG are hip to be square.
They are fished out. You are not being played. AG has not lied to you and does not plan to. We may see the world differntly, but AG has always supported you in your blog and right to view the world however you see it.

Annie, we are BFFs. No tricks here. Tricks are for kids!
AnnieAngel said…
Ok. I'm trusting you, cuz that's what BFFs do. :)

Plus I really do like you.
Thanks Annie. Unlike someone else who will tell you he likes you in an effort to hurt AG. AG and Annie are unhurtable. They are will women who do and don't regret.
wild! Man alive, I had oral surgery this week and got overdosed on meds and I just cannot write anything coherent.
mdhatter said…
annie, we're not against you.... we don;t dislike you... mostly.

But watching someone be obnoxious, then whine when their own obnox is called.... well, it reminds one of flightless birds.

This isn't discouragement, unless you need it to be, in which case it's whatever you need.
AnnieAngel said…

I don't know you, and I don't give a fuck if you hate me or not.

And the Emu shit is way past lame and into pure stupid.

Looser. Fuck yourself.
Well done Annie.

Do NOT be fooled by these shenanigans.
AnnieAngel said…
Who was that guy??? Sheesh, it's like he dropped from the ceiling!!
He's another cog in the Pinko Patriarchy wheel. You notice how the rest of those cornholes are shutting it over at Pinko's house of lies and trickery?! They know who they are dealing with. Unfortunately, you get a squirley one now and again.
AnnieAngel said…
I love how they assume I know who they are. :D
AnnieAngel said…
Annie has forgiven Pinko his specific sin against her.

He has munched his loaf and exposed his chunder. I can't ask for much more without becomming cobagular myself.
Dear goodness Annie. Do you want to speak the made up words of a dirtee liberal?

AG supports your decision but would like to caution you. He'll turn on a dime if it becomes fashionable. Limpy, back AG up here.
AnnieAngel said…
Annie has forgiven him for the past, in the spirit of Christimas. He went to SadlyNo and was very sweet to Annie.

He really did everything I asked of him, to not forgive him would make me the asshole.

He'll still be rounded up in the Great Gender Sweep of 2013. Don't fear.
LOL @ gender sweep.
AnnieAngel said…
Annie takes back her forgivness of Pinko. If it makes her an asshole for not forgiving an be it.
You're probably better off for this decision. He made an anti-semitic comment about AG over at Blue Girl's today. Whatever. He's not worth it.
AnnieAngel said…
Oh the antisemetism is flying all over SadlyNo. They're mocking God's Laws and being total assholes. Called Moses a wingnut even.
Well, it's that time of year where bad behavior seems to rule supreme.

Try to hang in there. They cannot be saved during December, apparently.
AnnieAngel said…
They're all damned.

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