Lying Flyers

I hate it when stores lie. I usually ignore the "too good to be true" advertized sales because I don't like crowded stores and crazy people. But a local store has been having pretty good sales and this week their flyer was amazing so I decided to go for it.

For example, the items I wanted were a digital camera with video capabilities that takes up to 243 photos for $9.99 and a 1 gig key drive for $29.99. !!!

But the thing is, the store didn't get either of those items in. At first, dude told me that they had 72 of the cameras and there had been a line out the door to get them. I said, WOW, the store only opened 10 minutes ago!!! That's an amazing lie!!! Then the other dude said, no we only had 14 of the cameras. I asked how long that line had been. :) Then it was admitted to me that this "particular" store had not received either of the items and that the flyer is a "standard" flyer. I was told I could drive an hour to another store and see if they had any of the items I wanted.

I made them phone for me, why should I do it? None of the other stores had any cameras or keydrives. This store has been open for about 1/2 an hour now. So had the other ones.

So, they LIED. Outright lied. I'm sure that's against the law or should be. I still bought a bunch of crap though.

I enable their lies to continue. :(

btw, The power was off and on last night and for some reason the furnace will not ignite. So I've been heating with the oven until the furnace man can come this afternoon.

My opinion is that the oven heats better than my brand new furnace.


jannx said…
you should report those snakes to the mall managers for fake promotions.. I'd like to be there when they had to explain : D
AnnieAngel said…
It was Canadian Tire.
Shoelimpy™ said…
I remember once upon a time if there was a special going on, stores would make sure they had plenty of stock. And if they ran out, you could get a rain check so you could purchase the item when it came in stock at the special price. Of course, those stores weren't lying rip-off artistes.
AnnieAngel said…
Once upon a time a lot of things were better.
Shai said…
I hate it when stores do that! And then they have these evil policies of "no rain checks." They should be arrested or something worse.
AnnieAngel said…
Even worse is that Canadian Tire gives you fake money you can use in the sotre with your purchase. I don't ever keep it, I don't shop there enough. But if you return something, and don't have their crappy tire money that you didn't ask for, they take real money off the price of your refund!!!!

And of course they have a no raincheck policy.

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