DiVine, The Living Garden

I was priviliged while at the Opryland Hotel to see this beautiful creation. If you go here The Living Garden and look for her, DiVine, under performances in the sidebar, you can watch a video.

She's unreal. :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Happy holidays, Annie.

Wishing for you more of what you want a less of what you don't want in 2007.
AnnieAngel said…
I want you to be my friend again.
This is your living room, Annie. If I irritate you, I shouldn't come.
AnnieAngel said…
I don't care if you irritate me. I'll get over it.
Shai said…
Wow, that is so cool!
I've seen her. She was at a Jeep Jamboree I attended a few years ago.
AnnieAngel said…
She's pretty cool. I plan to steal her costume idea for Mardi Gras. :)
anjeltoes2 said…
Annieangel.... I came across your blogdom of Peace and am honored to be on your front page! Your friend, Angel (DiVIne!)
AnnieAngel said…
Wow, I'm totally honored that you posted here!

You truly are beautiful and amazing, I wish you all the best.

Come back and post again. :)

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