Men Suck

I'll be the first to admit that I take a lot of shit from men in relationships. I'm totally admitting it. But an ex-friend of mine is like.....making me cry when I read her blog. She's just, I dunno. I've never liked the guy who dumped her, never liked him one bit. I've got this radar thing inside me and it goes off loud for "sleaze." This guy had it going off like a siren. But she stayed with him and so I pretended to like him. I didn't, but I pretended.

Now he's dumped HER. HE dumped HER. He is an ugly, low paid, freak who can't even get it together long enough to NOT flirt with me online. She is a beautiful, well paid professional woman in a career that is usually reserved for men. She's one tough bitch.

But like this guy is like...........being a total fucking asshole. He dumped her, but he calls her everyday. He should thank GOD that a woman like her would even speak to a piece of shit like him. She changed for him so much when they started dating that I didn't even know her anymore it felt like, and eventually we stopped being friends because of her behavior changes.

Anyways, they are broken up, on his demand, until after Christmas. I mean what the FUCK?? AFTER Christmas they can talk about if he will allow her to suck his dick some more I guess.

And she MISSES him. Her heart has a hole in it or some such crap. He has taken himself a little "dip my wick" break and she doesn't even realise how much power she gives him. He's an abuser and she can't see it!!!!! He is abusing her emotionally right now, making her go along with his stupid "break."

She should just go out and find a real man, not a fucking "cook" for goodness sake. But it's her life, it just makes me very sad to read about her missing the son of a bitch piece of crap bastard asshole motherfucker dick who's making her cry at Christmas.

I mean, hey guys....all you are ASSHOLES to women. You all SUCK. I pretty much hate every single one of you on some level, except for Neon. I only have total love for Neon.

You could ALL learn from Neon.

Ok, that's my rant that makes no sense to anyone but me, enjoy. :D


Shai said…
Mr. Shai is a lesbian trapped in a man's body, so he doesn't count. :)

I hear you though. My friend just got back with her ex asshole. He cheated on her, treated her like dirt, lived off the good will of her and her family, and now begged her back until she agreed. He was also mean to Mr. Shai and me. But of course she says "he changed!" Not enough to call an apologize for being a cock sucker I suppose.
She even says "he's a vegetarian now..." Like that excludes him from being a no good whore. I reckon she will become a vegetarian now. She is also one of those women who changes herself for her guy. Why do they do that?
That's funny about Mr. Shai, Shai.

Forget about men. They are not worth the trouble. It's time to start handing out walking papers.
AnnieAngel said…
I used to think that some men could be put on the list of "those who will be spared" when we take over, but I'm starting tho think that's a stupid idea.

Let's just clone each of us a sterile Marky Mark and make him mute.
neon said…
That's sweet, Annie. :)
Mute except for he says every hour, "You are right. I am always wrong."
AnnieAngel said…
Well, Neon, I've never heard you say anything disrespectful about or to women. You're a good boy.

I think Ag's idea of allowing some words to be spoken is a good one. It will be added to the agenda to be voted on at the next meeting.
AnnieAngel said…
I still can't figure out what the whole "he's a vegetarian now" is supposed to mean.
Oh yes, the next meeting. Is there where we also get to decide whether pantyhose should be outlawed and the misogynistic bastard who made them will be beaten alive?
jannx said…
Hey Annie .. don’t want to steal the thread here and I understand venting about guys.. there’s a lot of that stuff out there.

However you should do an ‘intervention’ of some sort over the holiday and save your friends life. This is only going to get more depressing as you watch a fine person sucked down a drain by a sociopathic good for nothing lay about.

Keep on ranting .. that’s fine, but at least throw a lifeline towards her over the holiday while this drone is away and can’t reinforce his ‘control’ over her.

My two cents


BTW have a good holiday
AnnieAngel said…
We aren't friends anymore. She went kinda nuts.

She wouldn't listen anyway, she had sex with him the other day. What an idiot.

Oh well, she must like being treated like whore.

You're a good guy Janxx.

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