Keep Your Stick On The Ice!

It was almost like The Omen! Or Rudolph! Elf even! But he managed to make it back to safety after a few harrowing seconds. ;)

Remember, always use your hockey stick to test the piece of ice you're standing on. It just makes sense.


That makes total sense to me. Then again, I am smarter than the average bear, I think!
AnnieAngel said…
Hehehe. A bear with a cold wet ass! ;)

I miss you, AG. You need a blog.
Shai said…
I love that scene in the Omen! I also love watching Bear Grylls crawl out after falling in the ice, and say in that cute British accent, "I have to get these wet clothes off." hehehehehe ;-)
AnnieAngel said…
Yeah, that's the best Bear. :)

Did you hear about those kids who fell in the ice and who had seen that show and did what he did to survive? That's pretty cool, I think.
I gots one. I am back at I cannot promise much given the semester ahead and other things, but I am back babee.

And no wet tuckus here. I am south of Boston these days!
AnnieAngel said…
I was stalking you a bit over there.

Silly cowboys, they'll never learn. Dump them, they're not the only two guys in the world. ;)
Oh, one cowboy is sticking. Despite my fears and trepidation --he's staying.
AnnieAngel said…
Send me the other one? ;)

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