There must be more exciting things in Lawrenceville Georgia to do than surf my blog.

I dunno who you are for sure, but I have my suspicions you're a certain asshole.

If you're not a certain asshole, please leave a post so I know who you are.


Thanks. If you are a certain asshole, fuck the fuck off, why do you care what I'm doing? Hmmmm?



Oh, he's related to Brookline, MA then? Same kind of dumb fucker who needs to get a life.

Because when the phone isn't ringing, that's AG and AA not calling you back!

Seriously. Get a life, dude!
AnnieAngel said…
Exactly. I think I scared them off. I hope so anyway.

How's AG?

Annie's doing just fine. :) You've missed out on major gossip, the kind of gossip that would make Lawrenceville, GA think I'm a slut, and then check back on a constant basis for more, and more and more if I posted it here, which I won't.

Annie needs a spanking, oh wait, she got one! :)
Oooh, Annie! Mazel Tov. AG got a spanking once. AG did not like it. Not. Like. It.

I will e-mail you because we gots to talk.
AnnieAngel said…
AG wasn't spanked properly. ;)

Mazel Tov back to you!

Everyone wishes they were us this year.
Oh noes. AG was not. Dude didn't tell me and he left a black x blue mark. I was seriously like, WTF?!!!

It is sooo the year of the Cowgirls. G-dspeed!
AnnieAngel said…
I hope you bit him for that! Black and blue is not a good thing, but a little red never hurt anyone. ;)
Shai said…
Face it, You are just too irresistable to leave alone! ;-)
Still, very creepy indeed.

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