It's Booklay

Love, let me sleep tonight on your couch....and tomorrow night too....maybe for a week or so, just until I get my shit together....


Shai said…
Cool song! Love the old fashion bike too.
AnnieAngel said…
I have a bunch of old bikes, none quite as cool as that one, though.
Sleep on the couch? Annie, we are too pretty to sleep on the couch. We need a staring role in the bed.
AnnieAngel said…
:) Actually, jerkface was singing along to this song, and he made up those lyrics, he can be funny sometimes.

I have my own bed to sleep in. I wouldn't mind a starring role on some sweetie's kitchen table though. I totally need a boyfriend.
OK, how can we get you a mans? This should be easy to do with your fantastic personality.

AG has her a man. It's totally easy. I swear!
AnnieAngel said…
Get me a good one, with nice muscles and a job. :)

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