My Theme Song

Pretty much sums me up. Also, I'm painting over wood. I suck.


Shai said…
Awesome song! Great choice. Why are you painting over wood?
AnnieAngel said…
I decided that the cedar moldings around the floor of my bedroom should be white. So I just finished priming them. There's no going back now. It looks much better. The color on the walls is called "hunter red" and the white really makes them "pop." I've got like a 12 foot ceiling in there and the white makes it look even higher.
Shai said…
I want to see it! You should take a picture. I want to buy a house so I can do all kinds of cool stuff to it. But I like having an apartment because mowing lawns and stuff sucks. And Mr. Shai can't do it with his bad leg.
AnnieAngel said…
You can hire someone to mow the lawn. Or do it yourself, like I do. Sure it sucks, it's supposed to suck, but it needs to be done, no sense grumbling.

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