A Love Story? Sadly, No!

Top Ten Reasons Why Alyssa Milano Would Never Date Bradrocket:

1. He's rampantly sexist.
2. His apartment smells like cheese feet.
3. He's unemployed.
4. He's unemployable.
5. They don't make enough IPA.
6. Women like men not boys.
7. Women like men with a sense of humor.
8. She only dates A-List bloggers.
9. Atrios knows more about baseball. He used to be a high school gym teacher, after all.
10. She doesn't want to boldly go where no woman has gone before.


Adorable said…
Annie, Brad isn't unemployed. He's a decent guy. He might not be perfect for A.M. largely because she's kind of 80s and washed up, but come now. AG would agree however if we were talking about Steve-the-Ass Pirate.
AnnieAngel said…
Brad's losing it, AG. And his apartment is a dump. It's just the truth. Also, he's a sexist jerkoff. I know you like him, I used to like him myself, but the whole Gavin/Brad split personality thing is getting scary. I think he needs to seek reality, his blog has become nothing but a whine about how everyone who gets paid to do what he wishes he could get paid to do don't deserve it and/or are a bunch of assholes.

He needs to just deal, no one wants to pay a whiny little bitch a dime for anything, no one even wants to listen to it for free.

I dunno Stever-the-Ass Pirate.
AnnieAngel said…
I dunno Steve-the-Ass Pirate either. ;)
Adorable said…
Yikes Annie! I haven't been following up on what's been happening over there. Today was the first in a while that I've been over to S/N.

Steve-the-ass-Pirate is this like 20 year old kid who used to blog with this idiot at shootaliberal. They believed in killing anyone who didn't believe what they had to say. If you left a comment, they would change it and then say things like -- oh she cannot write or look, he cannot spell. They were such little twerps. One day stupid Sean who ran the blog shut it down.

It was the best day evah. Evah.
AnnieAngel said…
I am so sad I missed that!!!!
Shai said…
Sounds like a real winner.
AnnieAngel said…
He actually sounds like a real whiner. :)

Who wishes he were a popular Republican blogwhatever getting paid. LOL, all he does is troll Republican blogs with his alter ego Gavin, calling people names.

I mean, you can get that shit for free in any schoolyard. :)
Adorable said…
That was kind of AG's point to the guy. Furthermore, she suggested he was the kid getting pounded in the schoolyard and that's why he hid behind his pseudo blog.

It takes all kinds!
AnnieAngel said…
Yes it does. :)

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