Jealous of Shai and Scam

I have a cool monitor though, right??? You two are SHOW OFFS!!!!!! I've written to Santa and told him that you both have ENOUGH and to send all of your presents to ME!!!

So there!!!


scammy said…
Santa IS bringing me presents. I've already sat on his lap and whispered in his ear and EVERYTHING!
AnnieAngel said…

Oh is that right? Are you sure it wasn't one of those FAKE Santas??? I bet it was!!
Shai said…
Oh, no way! Santa isn't taking away the ipod I know he's bringing me!!!!!!!! :)
That's a wicked cool monitor Annie!
Glad to see you back. ;)
scammy said…
Now that you mention it, he DID look an aweful lot like Mr. Scam.


"I've been had!"

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