It's like a roof of leaves.


Shai said…
How neat! It's like a canopy of leaves. Is that over your back yard? I bet the squirrels have tons of fun up there too.
AnnieAngel said…
Yes, some of the trees I let grow almost to the ground. It's squirrel and bird heaven around here. The squirrels like to use the trees like a freeway. They also like to sit up there and throw those black walnut things at me.

I've got tons of butterflies this year too, they flutter all around in the trees.
Shai said…
I've seen a few of those giant moths this year. Yah know, the ones that are bigger than your hands! They are so beautiful!
AnnieAngel said…
I haven't seen any of those! I just have normal yellow or white or brown or orange moths. Little ones. :(

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