That Jerk With TB

...who flew anyway should be locked up in a jail, not a hospital. I just saw his interview, and no I don't know his name and I don't care to know his name, with Diane Sawyer and wow, what a piece of work that guy is.

He showed no remorse or emotion for anyone except himself. Such calculated arrogance is unreal to me. To act against your doctors orders because you FEEL like it, in order to go on vacation in Italy and then to go against doctors orders AGAIN because you FEEL like it and put so many people at risk is simply evil. You don't have to get married in Italy, you can get married in your own hometown, the whole Italy thing was VACATION.

He put how many people at risk so he could take a vacation??? And then he put even more at risk because he suddenly HAS TO BE IN DENVER OR HE'LL DIE!!!!! That is to me, the actions of a sociopath.

Now Mr. "I'm so rich I'm going to Italy to marry a blow-up doll" is acting as if he is the VICTIM. We should feel SORRY for him. He is BLAMING the doctors!!!

I have no idea why he hasn't been charged with a crime. I hope the people on the flights sue his lawyer ass.

Regardless of how contagious he THINKS he is, he knowlingly boarded a plane in Italy, he did this with full KNOWLEDGE that he was to be in isolation for the public protection.

He's locked up now, but how long until he starts spending the money that he wouldn't spend on a private flight home on lawyers to get his slimy ass out of the hospital and into his house???

He needs to be punished for what he did, IMO. Lock him up in Gitmo.


Shai said…
He should be shot. If my kid was on that plane and got TB I would smash his face in myself.
Adorable said…
I do believe he needs to be punished. Maybe not as severe as Shai's suggestion, but jailing would be OK. At the very least, I hope his employer fires him and he has a hard time getting another job.
AnnieAngel said…
I hope he actually learns something from this, but he seems to be lacking in understanding what he did wrong.

That's why I think he needs punishment.
Adorable said…
He's too much of an overpriviledged brat to learn much. The best we can hope for is that no law firm will hire his pathetic and lying ass.

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