La De Da

TPB is starting, I'm pretty drunk.


Anonymous said…
I'm surprised you were on the General's site denying you are a drunk, since drinking and watching shitty TV seems to be your main pleasures.
My take on you, Annie, is that you will finally straighten out when you love a real man.
That real man would tell you, "listen, you are either going to have to stop talking, or you are going to have to stop saying things that are SO FUCKING STUPID! Now put that beer down and make my supper."

Hey, good luck on finding him, you need some direction. :)
AnnieAngel said…
My take on you is that you're a looser and a sinner and you're going to burn in Hell for all eternity. That makes me happy.
Anonymous said…
What's a "looser?"

Besides, you can't fool me. I know satire when I see it.

You are no more a Christian than is George W. Bush.

You are putting us on.

Have fun.
AnnieAngel said…
You don't know satire and you don't know Jesus. You just can't handle a strong woman who is also a Christian. It seems to be a theme I come across, people claim I'm satire, I'm NSA, I'm a drunk slut and I'm not a Christian. Huh, if I said any of that about anyone, you'd be on here calling me, well, you get it...moron.

You seem compelled to post to me, I would say that it is the power of Christ compelling you and that you need to take heed to that call and REPENT.

Bush is a good man, definately a Christian and your bashing of him tells me all I need to know about you. You can't debate or reason, so you bash the person who's ideas are so far above your head that you can't comprehend them.

Have a nice life, soon enough it will be over and your punishment will begin.

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