Salvation For Papists

"If you are praying to Mary or a saint; you are also dangerously close to practicing necromancy. Necromancy is communicating with those who are dead. It is a hideous sin that is an abomination to a holy God (see Deut 18:10-12). Abomination is one of the strongest words used by God for something He utterly detests." Link to Salvation

I pray any Papists reading this site are open-minded enough to also read the above link. It could mean the difference between Heaven and Hell for you!


Anonymous said…
To ask somebody to be open minded you must also be open minded. You are so far off base and uneducated about what you teach and claim that you know. Your comments and thoughts are of only one thing. Satan. He has you and you dont even see it. Otherwise you wouldn't be so hate filled, self servient, and loaded with your "Since I hide myself behind my so called Christianity I am right, even though I know I am wrong. But I still want to sin and the only way I can do that is if I say I believe in Christ. Because I can do no wrong, and my thoughts toward my fellow human beings are completely justified because I say I have Christ in my heart." Your a fake and you know it. If your not, you are no better than the "Muslimites" you talk about. The proof that you have no clue about what you are talking about is within your own statements.

Before you insult other poeple's maybe you should actually do a little research and question asking before you open your stupid mouth.

By the way from a Christian, your pictures while artistic in nature are completely distastful, with out class, and just generally insulting to the Christian religions. Displaying a Holy object in that sort of artistic backdrop is and forever will be sinful and with out god. I dont believe God or Jesus ever intended in having the Cross cover your vagina in such a sexual undertone.

You need to be exorcised. You have the devil in you.
AnnieAngel said…
What's a Muslimite? And by saying that I am no better than they, are you saying you hate them?

The crucifix is not a Holy object. Objects are not and can not be Holy. They are just things, you really need to stop worshipping idols!

Sexual undertones? You have such a filthy mind!! I suggest you pray for your mind to open and your mouth to close.

The artistic meaning of the picture has been explained. Anything you find sexual is from your own response, as it only can be. I mean gay guys would love that pic of Marky Mark and get all horny and stuff (right chef?) but you aren't complaining about THAT picture so you are obviously a straight man or a gay woman who is turned on by MY pictures.

I shall pray for the demon of lust to be taken from you.

I pray here tonight Jesus that anonymous will seek You out for strength in his trying times and will stop seeing sex everywhere he looks. May he find comfort in Your Arms Jesus and may you give Him rest once he has repented and been baptized properly.

In Your Holy Name, I pray.
Anonymous said…
Muslimite was taken from a contect you wrote. I believe it was "Muslimity" Or as the rest of the world would say Islam.

No I do not hate them. You do according to your blog.

If you cant even see the sexual undertone of those pictures that definatly proves my point. You should not be saying the prayer for me. But for yourself.

My point is as it escaped you. Let me put into simple terms so your little mind can grasp this.

Your very bad lady. You are what you fight so hard agianst. And you cant even see it. I pray for you. I pray that you find the correct pasth to God. I pray that you are not completely lost as of yet.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Why do you hate women so much? Why are you attacking poor Annie? There are no sexual undertones in her pictures, they are all beautiful artistic works displaying the beauty of our faith.

Annie never mentioned the word Muslimity, nor does she hate Muslims. Muslims do not deserve to be hated, they deserve to be pitied as the poor lost Satanistical sinners that they are. Just like the Papists whom Annie is trying to save. Like any good, honest Christian woman, she only wants to help those sheep who have strayed from the path find their way back to God.

Annie is a good woman, how dare you attack her anonymously? You do not even have the strength of character to offer a name for yourself.

I will keep you in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
Wow talk about the Blind leading the BLind there. If she is actually "Saving" anybody.

Did I say I hated women? I dont hate anybody. I dont even hate Annie. I dissaprove of her Satanistical Ways.
Anonymous said…
A good woman is somebody that wants to kill immigrants? When she herself is a immagrant. Unless she is born of the red race she herself is a immigrant.

She wants to kill anybody that is differant than her. That is not a good woman. A good woman does not take sexually explicit photo's with objects of God. This is just the tip of the iceberg for her. You call her a good woman. She is vile, dirty and made from the devil. She is VERMIN!! She is in herself a Satanistical Cultist, she dragged you down with her. God save her soul.
Shoelimpy™ said…
You are a demon. I feel saddened that you have allowed Satan to take such a firm grasp of your soul. For how long have you had these sorts of feelings towards women? Do you not realize that by hating women, you are hating God as she is God's creation?

Annie has displayed some artistic shots of her on her blog. Because she is a woman, you have leapt into the idea that these must by definition be displaying her sexuality. This is false, and shows some poor thoughts on women.

Annie does not want to kill anyone, she only wants to defend the integrity of her native land. This is a right that I feel that all good, honest Christians should hold.

The only person who is displaying the wiles of Satan here is you, demon. How dare you speak of such an upright woman as Annie in such a way.
Shoelimpy™ said…
My first post should have said Annie did not mention the word Muslimite, she did say Muslimity.
Spill The Beans said…
Annie, don't forget tomorrow is braless tuesday. ;)
Chef said…
Why do you have to label me?
Chef said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AnnieAngel said…
Who labelled you what?
Larry said…
Annieangel - I'll pray for ya' darlin'. I'll pray to Mary for her intercessory prayer to God on your behalf and I'll ask Saint Michael the Archangel to defend you against the temptations of Satan.

Though we "papists" pray to Saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary for intercession on our behalf (kinda like y'all prayin' for each other); we worship God in the Trinity.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm not your darlin' and I don't need your prayers to Satan.

Your Satanistical prayers can't get through my Jesus armor!

I don't know what trinity nonsense you're going on about, but tell you what, sugar, I'll pray to Jesus that the sin of lust be removed from your heart so that you may see women as more than objects.
beowulf said…
Why are Christians calling Christians Satanist? Cant you accept ones interpretations as their own? Catholisism being the OLDEST of the Christian Religions cant be ALL wrong. And have you really researched the reasons on why Catholics do what they do?

I am sorry, but anytime I hear a Christian Calling another Christian a Satanist. I have to wonder about that denomination. And ask whether it really is a Christian religion and not just another Cult. Not saying you are a cultist. My oppinion, its scenes like this that play out that lead to war.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Anyone who would pray to an idol (i.e. a Papist) is not a Christian. End of story. Not that hard to figure out.
beowulf said…
Do you not wear a cross around your neck? When you pray do you somtimes have your bible in hand?

They are not worshipping the "idol" you are very misinformed. Before you judge somebody you should know the reasons on why they do what they do. And how the cross they pray in front of. In their mind is not the actual object of worship but in their mind may be the divining rod that brings them closer to God so that their prayers may be heard.

According to your way of thinking. You are not a christian either. Do you not partake in pre-marital sex with your girlfriend Annie? That would cause you to be a sinner and for that your going to hell...period.

I am not defending Catholics. I am not one. Heck I dont even believe that Christ was the Messiah. I believe he was a prophet. A Messiah no. What I am saying is that for Christians you seem pretty darn Judgemental. When did God give you the power to decide who goes to heaven or hell? All I am saying is that before you judge somebody you should walk in their shoes. Look at the reasons they believe what they believe, then extrapolate an oppinion based on that. But even then you should not Judge. The judgement is left for God to do. Not you. You can provide your point of view and provide your evidence for what you believe. And if the person does not agree. Then there is nothing you can do. Agian you should not judge. You have done what you can do. But to call them names, that is just on the level of a five year old.

Kids do the "Since you dont agree with me, your a sissy boy" routine. You are an adult.
AnnieAngel said…
You're an idiot. :)

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