ABC's 25 days of Christmas

What a joke! Supposedly they are going to show a Christmas show everday, that's what I think 25 days of Christmas means, but NO, they have been skipping most days.

THIS IS WRONG! Everyday I turn on my tv in hopes of seeing my childhood favorite "I'm Mr. Green Christmas" so I can finally find out what it's really called and so far everyday I'm disappointed.

I also really really want to go to the buffet at the casino so I can both pig out on shrimp and wear all my sparkly stuff.


tescosuicide said…
You really like that 'color' button in the compose screen don't you!
AnnieAngel said…
Yes, I do. :)
Spill The Beans said…
The movie you are thinking of is "the year without a santa claus." The song you quoted is sung by Heat Meiser. that movie is THE BOMB.
AnnieAngel said…

I love the heat meiser!!

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