And I'm Not Even Blonde

I just got my foot and shin caught against the side of my chair. I don't sit like a normal person, I'm extremely flexible and usually sit cross-legged in my chair.

Well today for some reason I had myself contorted into this weird position where my foot was tucked in against the side of my chair and my shin against the rail. I tried to stand up by pushing my foot off the chair, and it like levered my shin against the rail and I in a panic pushed even harder.

Now I have a DENT in my shin. I'm sure it will fill in to a nice big bump eventually.

My God it HURT! You know when you are in so much pain but at the same time disgusted at your own stupidity so much that you are both laughing and in pain?

I need a new chair. Something with no rails.


AnnieAngel said…
The bump has formed, it's the size of a big mosquito bite. It no longer hurts. Hopefully it will go away without turning purple.
Mike1877 said…
Wow I have just gotten through reading some of your posts. Whew you have a knack for controversy dont you? I left a comment on the mail bag entry for you. Anyways. I think it is wrong for these poeple to react as they do. From what I have seen. They are reacting just the same way that they are yelling about. Particularly the Muslim comments.

On that note, with Religion, media, History Books, and School, just about everything you are taught you are being taught because somebody besides you believe it is right. My point of view is listen, read, and learn what you can then develop the truth from that. Its open to intrepetration every single bit of it.

Besides poeple, how can you get mad at legs like those?!
AnnieAngel said…
"My point of view is listen, read, and learn what you can then develop the truth from that. "


I answered your mailbag post. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Ok, it's huge. It can be viewed on Google Earth. It doesn't hurt much unless I press on it, but it's HUGE.

It's the size of a silver dollar but bump shaped.

My chair is possessed by demons.
Anonymous said…
Nice tits

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