Little Bastard!

Did anyone hear about that kid from Florida who decided he was going to take off to Iraq to study "immersion journalism'? Supposedly this 16 year old brat buys a ticket to Kuwait with part of some money he received from his mother as a thank-you for a stock tip he gave her. A ten thousand dollar thank-you, by the way.

So this kid from a private school who has studied immersion journalism and is obviously pretty freaking smart if he plays the market at 16, takes off without telling anyone in his family and actualy makes it to Kuwait on his own. From there he goes to Lebanon, and then to Baghdad. Now he called his family from Kuwait who told him to go to Lebanon as far as I can tell. So he must have known he was in trouble by then, before he went to Lebanon even.

So this little asshole has everyone looking for him and his family all upset, I mean he fucked off to IRAQ! He decided to act as if he had no clue what the fuss was, blah blah blah. Little bastard!!! He's suddenly stupid?? Give me a break.

If I was his parent he would be in so much shit. First that school that might expel him would never be seeing his face again, and I'd probably sue them, they were the ones who put this idea in his head. Second he'd be grounded from talking to ANYONE about it until he is a legal adult and I can't be his boss anymore. That means, no TV interviews, no newspaper interviews, no school reports no NOTHING for him that would give him any more publicity for being a bad little boy.

He sure wouldn't be taking any journalism electives at his new school, either. I'd send him to public school.


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