Attention Pooflingers!!!!!!

Please read the thread below this one.

I'm sorry that you have been involved in this insanity, I have no idea why this guy won't leave me alone.


Shai said…
I wouldn't worry an awful lot about it, which I'm sure you're not losing sleep over this freak. The creepy part is my mom always said boys pick on you because they like you. YUCK!
woodrow said…
Your visitor probably lives on the East sid of LV in a Trailer Park near Nellis and drinks tap water.

The Perclorate will do that to you.
Shai said…
I drink tap water. :/
AnnieAngel said…

I think you're probably right Woods, except it's his gramma's trailer and she lets him sleep on the fold-down table at night. :D

Why doesn't Keifer Sutherland stalk me??????? HUH????? I'd be into that. ;)
woodrow said…

Where you live it may be practical to drink tap water.

But, being reciently from 'Vegas, I will tell you our visitor may have ingested too much Perclorate from his tap. Just look at his profile! The top of his head seems discombulated! Annie may think I'm a jerk, but at least my head stays in one piece.
woodrow said…
I've got a call into Keifer. Donald said he would get back to me.

(I don't have his direct number, so I had to call his dad)
Joolya said…
Wow, you've got some pretty sexy pictures on your blog for someone who *isn't* planning on roasting with the rest of us sinners!
AnnieAngel said…
I'm saved, unlike you I'm going to Heaven.

My pictures are very sexy, thanks.
AnnieAngel said…

You're a friend of that asshole Jeff!

Buh-bye looser!!! I hope you enjoy buring in Hell for your mockery of Christ!!
Shai said…
So is this loser trying to say you have to be ugly to be a christian? And that is muslims that cover themselves head to toe.
woodrow said…

Jeff has friends?
AnnieAngel said…
LOL, his friends are all imaginary, this is probably him under another name. :D

I don't know what they are trying to say Shai, but I think you nailed it. LOL!
I'm not sure your Sky Daddy would be very happy about your lack of humility.
AnnieAngel said…
Well, that's why you're going to Hell isn't it? You're not sure. You think it's funny to mock the name of God, and yet at the same time you judge my relationship with God.

Daniel said…
It's percHlorate, woody.

Annie, your legs were the stumbling block that caused me to lose my religion, and so when you look down on me in eternal torment, I hope that makes you feel all yucky inside
AnnieAngel said…
If that's true, you belong in Hell and therefore I'll be laughing as I watch you burn.

But you're just a garden variety wanker who thinks he's being cool. You're not cool. You're joking about matters that are very serious and you should reflect on that, and then REPENT.

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