Demon Kitty

Look into the face of evil!!! One minute she's all cuddly and lovey-dovey, the next minute she's biting and digging in her claws and generally getting all freaked out. She also eats toads and grasshoppers and then pukes them up whole on the floor. That's just nasty.


Shai said…
Wow, she's got the devil in her eyes alright. That's gross about the toads and stuff she barfs up. You need a midget servant around the clean it up.
AnnieAngel said…
I have to run to clean it up before the dog eats it. :/
Shai said…
Oh, that's nasty! Dogs are so gross! Of course if the dog ate it you would run the chance of having to clean it up anyway later. YUCK!
AnnieAngel said…
The worst is when the dog gets into the cat food.

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