These Things Must Be Done Del-e-gate-ly

All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is vote for you

Obama! Obama!

I never thought that a boy like you could be the President


(to the tune of Rosanna, by Toto)


Where as AG woke and thought to herself:

The Hills are alive with the sounds of Clintons...

I am voting later tonight, babeee!

P.S. King of the Cobags is being a tool (what's new) over at 3Fools. Feel free to lay smackdown, as someone who exercises her right to modertate comments.
AnnieAngel said…
I was being funny, I thought. I'm not an Obama fan, I already have a Messiah, don't need another one.

PP would ban me in a minute if I sent Princess Trollyskirts over there and he KNOWS it.
I know, Annie. I was just playing back.

Actually he doesn't ban. AG bans. He doesn't have the brass ovaries for it. He rolls wimpbag like that!
AnnieAngel said…
I am sure he's banned me before. Positive.

I'm totally schooling his punko ass.
Pinko Punko said…
That is a lie. Annie has never been banned ever. She knows we love her and consider her like the freshest of OJ.
AnnieAngel said…
Are you sure? Never banned me? Not even once???

Annie loves you too, Tang-Master PP.
Pinko Punko said…
Never ever.

I can't believe you said Tang master!
AnnieAngel said…
I can't believe you didn't comment on my mushrooms!
Annie, who has been good to you from the start whereas others supported when Gav-mo banned you for 24-hours at S/N!?

How would AG know about such?!

Exactly. That's the guy who supported his breathern.
AnnieAngel said…
He banned me for 24 hours?? I didn't even notice. :)

AG has always been Annie's BFF. Pinko on the other hand, has jumped in with both feet to help make Annie feel bad. More than once. Once he even started it.

True story. He knows what I'm talking about.
Pinko Punko said…
WHO is the one that has a battle rap show down with AA?

I thought so.

P to the Unko, and a P to the Inko, so many people copy me they working at Kinkos, your raps are the stinkos, I don't even blinkos!
AnnieAngel said…
I totally whupped your ass, PP-man.

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