Annie Wants

Nevermind his leg, Annie wants to hump his brain.


Annie! AG hearts NiN. AG saw them at Lollapalooza I.

AH-mazing. Especially for a super super young AG.
AnnieAngel said…
Annie remembers going to concerts. In the way back before times.

Annie remembers a Lollapalozza where the Violent Femmes cried because people were throwing empty plastic bottles at them, and they said it hurt and if people didn't stop they were going to walk off stage.
I don't remember the Femmes being there. I remember Nirvana.

Dear Gawd!!!!
AnnieAngel said…
I don't remember the year I saw the Femmes at Lollapolooza. Annie has seen the Femmes more than once, sadly enough, and they all have melded together into a great big whiny Gap store explosion type thing in my mind.

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