Fatwa Against Jejune Bald Guys.....

....who eat really, really crappy looking food.

And LIKE it.


Smackdown from double A! Oh hells yeah.

I love it. Love it.

He's clearly a sinner and a whore who serves frozen OJ. No doubt.

I am so over his boring self. I cannot wait until he gets a life and moves on because he is so unimportant at RoD.
AnnieAngel said…
I cannot believe how he treated you when you went there being nice even though he's not a doctor, or hot.

Not frozen OJ, Ag, Annie bets he serves Tang. Made with tap water.
AnnieAngel said…
Mr. Baldypants also didn't post Annie's comment asking where her link went.

Hmmmmmm. :D
Von said…
AG - Thanks for directing me here to AA! LOVE IT!
AnnieAngel said…
Her, you love her. ;)
Von said…
See, my bad grammar gets me in trouble again. I LOVE H E R.
AnnieAngel said…
Hehehe. :)
LOL, Vonage!

My two favorite gals are here now.

Tang indeed. He's lower than a whore. What's the word for that?!
AnnieAngel said…
I think the word is "man."

Man hating is allowed, and encouraged, here today.

And tomorrow. And the next day.

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