Boycott Cat Stevens And His New Album

It's true, the traitor has apparently decided that it's no longer a sin against his moon god to try and milk money out of the fame he used to enjoy before he became a Satanist.

I am not going to buy it, and if it by some far flung chance gets radio play, I'll switch channels. He is such a sneaky Satanist, he's trying to make money from the people he considers infidels, and who he believes should be killed, wherever he may find them.

I've re-written one of his songs, I think it properly shows his true feelings toward those who are not Muslim. I hope you enjoy it.

It's to the tune of Trouble.

Oh Satan set me free
I have seen your face
And it's too much like a Jew's for me

Oh Allah can't you see
Jews are stealing our land
Soon they'll enslave the whole Middle East

I don't drink no wine
The Jews have made the world blind
I don't think it's fair
I don't think it's fair

Israel's full of Jews
So won't you be kind to me
Just let me go there
I have to bomb there

Osama move away
They stole my cell phone from me
And you're wanted by the CIA

Allah, Oh Allah
Can't you see
Jews have made a wreck of the world
And we should bomb them for their blashpehmy

I've seen the spies
But I've got a good surprise
Hidden on me
Wired to me

I'll be ripped and torn
But once I become reborn
There's virgins for me
Lots of virgins for me

Oh you don't deserve to be
And I won't rest my head
Until I see you pushed into the sea

Oh Allah please be kind
I want to kill all the Jews
And I haven't got a lot of time


Shoelimpy™ said…
The traitor's album will not do well, it has already been trashed by every reviewer in the country.

Your song does an excellent job of exposing the true spirit of Mr. Islam.
AnnieAngel said…
:) Thanks. :)

I've heard his album sucks, but I mean, how can it NOT suck???
Shoelimpy™ said…
It could be an album by someone else than Yusuf Islam.
AnnieAngel said…
He's a looser.
neon said…
I always thought Cat Stevens was female. :(
AnnieAngel said…
I always thought he was a good guy. Guess we were both wrong. :(
neon said…
yeah, he sounds like a psycho.. but I'm going to have to download one of his songs so I know how to sing the parody.
AnnieAngel said…
It's hippy music. If you want to hear the songs in a format which won't make you insane, rent Harold and Maude. :)
neon said…
I meant to rent that from the library before I moved, but I never got around to it. :(
Shoelimpy™ said…
There are other libraries.
neon said…
True. I just wanted to tell Annie that I've been meaning to rent it for awhile now.

There's just something about the title that makes it difficult.
Shoelimpy™ said…
It should have been called Harold Does Maude.
AnnieAngel said…
If I was one of those really lame people who post on the internet, I'd make a comment like, "OMG, I just snorted coffee all over my monitor!!!"
Shai said…
That's some really hateful lyrics. I would never buy cat stevens records anyway. He sucks.
woodrow said…
Since my father died, everytime I hear "Father and Son", with it's truthfull and poignant lyrics...

I understand.

"Moon shadow", "Wild World"... just close your eyes and listen...

"Wild World" will tear your heart out, if you have ever lived through that sort of time.
woodrow said…
Furthermore, if you have experenced a life as portrayed in "Oh Very Young" you could, perhaps, empathize.

Somewhat like listening to Billy Joel's "Captain Jack", or the subtext of "Piano Man".
AnnieAngel said…
Well I guess you'll be converting to Muslimity then, Woods. Get ready to join with Cat Stevens in wishing death to America, and in supporting terrorism in the name of Satan.
woodrow said…

Also, while we are on the subject of music, I think of you when I listen to Fatboy Slim's "
weapon of Choice" (walk without rhythm, and you won't awake the worm).

Cute song, and a good performance by Christopher Walkin (on youtube).
woodrow said…

Those song were in his pre-muslim days. You should recognize I do not support Islam.

I also mentioned Billy Joel. Does that mean I support the "Aged-so-Well" Christy Brinkley?
AnnieAngel said…
It means you have bad taste in music, Woods. :)
woodrow said…
Well, my Gam-o-tastic friend...

I didn't know this was a test.
AnnieAngel said…

What have you been up to, Woods?
woodrow said…
It appears I've be dwelling on Islam and old women(who are younger than myself). Acording to you!

Well, 'natch, I'm always the last one to get to the party.

(I hope Shai sees my reference to "Dune" - but it was supposed to be 'attract' - not 'awake').

And you, Annie? Still greiving your home? Or pleasuring in the thoughts of the tropics?

(BTW, taste is an aquired thing. I had to learn that the first time I had to...) WHERE WAS I???

Oh, yeah, It's good to be here with you, again.
AnnieAngel said…
Actuyally Woods, I'm still waiting on the guy who thinks lying is cool to come finish the bathroom tile on the walls, and to put in the fixtures. He lies, and he lies but there is no one else who will come to finish the last bit of this guys work. I'm beginning to think he's an asshole.
woodrow said…
It means you have bad taste in music, Woods. :)

Or women (Christy Brinkley-wise)
woodrow said…
How did the patio (or deck) turn out? You were working hard on that.

For the tile...It comes in pre-paterned 1 sqft sheets. Just put up some mastic and set them yourself. Ues a level-line.

Then use dry-pack grout to fill in.
AnnieAngel said…
The patio is gorgeous, I did it myself. :)

I have porcelain tile and the stuff to put it on with, but I can't cut it myself. I'm not that handy, and I have learned my limitations with saws. ;)

I really can't believe this dude thinks there is no problem with him lying and putting me off for all this time as if I should kiss his ass or something.

Fucking townies.
woodrow said…
Since it's porcelain, and not granite or marble, all you have to do is scribe it (deeply, may take one or two passes until you get the hang of it) then shear it with special shear grip pliars they have where you bought the tile. If it's uneven, it can be filed.
woodrow said…
No saw needed.
AnnieAngel said…
No, this needs to be cut with a saw. And the worst thing is, he only has one more day of work to do. I think he enjoys stringing me along.
woodrow said…
For all guys (with exclusions) I will appologize (with exceptions),

Yes, we string women on. It's in our (learned) nature. It should be your (learned) nature to cut it (the string, that is. Please, not Loreana Bobbit style, that was extreme). We mean no harm, but it's not like we can get laid by a beautiful (or any) woman on our charm, alone, is it?
AnnieAngel said…
He's married and old. :) He's just a dick, I'm almost convinced of it. For the last two weeks it's been "tomorrow I'm coming to finish it up" and I've got the feeling tomorrow will never come.
woodrow said…
Realisticly speaking...Tomorrow never comes. There is today, and yesterday, but tomorrow never comes.

(BTW, I think I just crossed it up with shoelimpy at C&L. I don't want to bring a discussion of ideologies to your forum. I prefer to come here to discuss Electric Kitties, Werebunnies, home improvements and your sweetness. Please let me know if things get "uncomfortable".
AnnieAngel said…
LOL, get him Woods. :) Teach him a lesson. :)
woodrow said…
Someone needs to throw him a life preserver (or at least some anal lube). People are piling on him at Crooksandliars. I was hurt that he used "Cordless Kitty" without crediting you... he copied it to his site!
woodrow said…
I live on a planet called Earth.

Hey, Stanley, I heard that Weird Al song too!
Shoelimpy™ | Homepage | 11.18.06 - 1:06 am | #


Friday Cat Blogging
Shoelimpy™ | Homepage | 11.18.06 - 1:07 am | #
woodrow said…
Michael Moore, Al Franken and every one of those other damn liberal crooks and liars belongs in Club Gitmo. Nancy Pelosi is Osama bin Laden's third wife.

Site Monitor: Okay, Champ. You're done. Go take a look at the commenting policy. Take them in. Breathe them. Live them. All posts made with the intent to insult or incite a flame war are subject to editing/deletion. If you have anything constructive to add to a discussion, feel free to do so. Otherwise, go troll for your flame war elsewhere. Further posts in this vein will be deleted.

Edited By Siteowner
Shoelimpy™ | Homepage | 11.18.06 - 1:11 am | #
AnnieAngel said…
I posted the kitty picture on BloggingPoints. It's my blog too, but I'm not as smart on the political stuff as Shoe is. is Shoe's personal blog. Go read his science fiction story, it kicks total ass.
AnnieAngel said…
Did the siteowner tell the people bashing Shoe to stop it, or did I just miss it?
AnnieAngel said…
Holy carp Woods, that threat was like waaaaay up the thread. Seems like someone is trying to set Shoe up. Normally I'd call foul, but I think it's kinda funny. :)
woodrow said…
He is getting some "smack-down" and it isn't pretty.

At first I didn't like the guy, 'cause you were having trouble with him and his mom when I first visited you. But this is unmerciful!

It seemed you broke up, made up and I don't know what's up...but he needs to get out! That's not the place for him to pick a fight! Ironically, I think that's the first time I went to the comments section of c&l, and his response was to me... I think I started this, and I'm sorry.

I know you say people flame you, but I never witnessed this in "real-time". I can see how you get hurt.
AnnieAngel said…
I don't really see him getting flamed all that bad. Mostly what I would expect from a bunch of liberal idiots.

People are WAY worse to me. :(
woodrow said…
I'm sorry they are worse to you.

I would tell you something about myself, but you have already figured it out...
AnnieAngel said…
Actually Woody, what I see is a siteowner who is letting YOU call Shoe and asshole and then threatening Shoe.

Fair. :)
AnnieAngel said…
What did I figure out?
AnnieAngel said…

woodrow said…
Shoe wasn't even there when I made my comment...I only made one.

I never called shoe anything.

BTW, why do you say"we are busted"?

Also, I was expressing my sympathy/concern for shoe. I did him no harm.

(my obsequous tone should clairify everything)
AnnieAngel said…
LOLOL!!! I thought you were that Stanley person. :)

We were busted for laughing at Shoe. It's not nice to laugh at Shoe. We should be very sorry. And not just sorry that we got caught.
AnnieAngel said…
Btw, I'm still not sure what I've figured out about you.
woodrow said…

I have, and always will, post under my real name. My name is actually Woodrow Glaze. I posted early in the comments as "woodrow".

I have poked fun at shoe (his moniker) as I felt he had harmed you, but I haven't made fun of him.

I am now defending him.."I may not respect what you say, but I respect your right to say it" (thats an American thing)
AnnieAngel said…
Crooksandliars is a very strange place. I think the siteowner is a Nazi. ;)
woodrow said…
Dang! I have been watching the comments at C&L blog all night...just waiting for the moment to call "FOUL"...

And you just HAD to be the FIRST one to envoke "Godwin's Law".

(you hurt me)
woodrow said…
Lovely Miss Annie,

Why are you confused??????
AnnieAngel said…
I have no idea what I did to hurt you. :(
AnnieAngel said…
It's real late Woods and all good Princesses should be in bed.

woodrow said…

It wasn't real hurt. I just thought that someone would invoke Godwin's Law in the ShoeLimpy Chronicles, not you. He is putting up a good fight (but he saw me!)

You are a good Princess, so you should be in bed (God grant me be a Prince).

Sweet dreams.
AnnieAngel said…
That's a made up law, Woods. Sometimes, people really ARE Nazis.


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