More Whales

I love whales.


Shai said…
Those are all great pics! You look like you were really close. I feel sort of bad for the animals being stuck in tiny places though. What kind of life is that?
AnnieAngel said…
I am really close. :)

It's horrible, Shai. The whales and dolphins have it the best. The seals and walruses will break your heart in their tiny little cages.

I think Marineland should be shut down. But it's not as bad as the places that let you swim with the dolphins on vacation. I'd like to shoot those people who run those things.
Shai said…
That IS horrible! It should be legal game to shoot those people. Maybe big giant aliens will come along some day and cage them up.
AnnieAngel said…
The worst is that contact with people can leave Dolphins open to all kinds of diesease, and if the dolphin gets sick, they don't treat it. They kill it for the insurance money.

I have a friend who "rescuses" dolphins from those places in Cancun if she finds out they are sick.

I wish I was cool like that.

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