Hilarious House of Frightenstein

The Website

If you haven't seen it and are interested, you can download stuff here.

The Space Station is re-running it. :) It's still as funny as I remember, although I'm not afraid of Vincent Price anymore. ;)

It's unbelievable how much of this show I can remember. You'd think at my age my brain would be turning to mush. ;)

Was anyone else forced to watch this as a kid? It's educational, you know. :) Super Hippy, LOL!


Shai said…
I can't say I've ever even heard of it. Canadians...:)
AnnieAngel said…
Canadian tv is actually pretty good. The comedy shows are funnier than any others I've seen.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes could never make it to American tv with American content. They are a fake newscast but they chase around real politicians. The one guy spoke to Bush before the first election, and told him that Prime Minister Poutine backed him 100%. Bush said that Mr. Poutine was a fine man, the reporter kept a straight face. :):):) Oh and it's funded by the government. :)

TPB's, the BEST tv show ever, which is also funded by the Canadian government would never have made it on American tv. Canadians swear their heads off on tv and they love being naked, and, every Friday after midnight there's porn, not even on cable. :)

Shoelimpy just loves Showcase, dont you Shoe? It's a rather strange station that must be free because I don't pay for it but I get it. Once there was this guy on there who liked to attach things to his, you know. :) He had like 15 pounds worth of weights on there, attached to piercings!!

Canadians....:) Oh the government also funded Kids in the Hall and LEXX. :):)

If you like Sci-Fi, it doesn't get any better than LEXX. Kai is the sexiest dead man in black ever.
Shai said…
LOL! It sounds great! Our tv is over-priced. :(
Shoelimpy™ said…
Shoelimpy bears no love for Showcase.
Shai said…
That's good. Otherwise those bears might be in a lot of trouble. :D
AnnieAngel said…

Good one, Shai!!!! XD

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