Naughty Girl!!

I really shouldn't post this picture, but I'm feeling rather naughty.

I'm going to go repent now. Pray for me you Hellbound HNT loving sinners!

Stop surfing the net for naked pictures, Jesus is watching and He can see what you're doing!

Edit to add the Haiku I just wrote:

Crooked are my boobs
Hard it is to photograph
Ones own breastesses


Amy said…
Wow! That is a gorgeous pic! I know exactly how you feel because I did the same thing this week. HHNT!
Shoelimpy™ said…
It is a damned fine HNT, Miss Annie. Emphasis on the word damned. I hope you did a lot of repenting!!!
Jinsane said…
You look great. Love it! HHNT!
Tricia said…
Lovely boobs I see
Pretty as a garden rose
No droop either - sigh

Px said…
super shot
I would haiku you back, but alas i'm not that talented
Phain said…
that haiku was BRILLIANT! *~*happy hnt*~*
Shai said…
I like the soft focus. Showing cleavage isn't a sin. There's no nipples in the picture, so Jesus will forgive. :)
Suze said…
That's a beautiful dreamy shot. You look gorgeous. Now if you would like to come over here I will punish you. *grin*

Happy HNT sweetie ;)
Spitfire said…
*I* think it is a lovely picture and the red suits you....

You look smashing darling!

Oh Miss Annie! I shall pray with all my heathen heart for you! But only if you'll drop by for a drink first - we'll save each other later! ;) HHNT!
AndyT13 said…
Nice shot and great haiku! :-) HHNT!
BKS said…
very nice shot and haiku. You have nothing to repent for my dear....God gave them to you and you are showing off his handiwork;)

And such a fine job He did.


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