Just fuck.

Fuckady fuck fuck fuck.





Ivan Raikov said…


Why is that?
AnnieAngel said…
Because I never get to have any fun, because people are mean to me and because I'm stuck in a rut. And because I have so much work to do that will never get done because it's impossible to hire anyone around here who isn't a crackhead and so I end up doing it mostly myself. The siding will NEVER get finished because the guy who was supposed to do it is a goof, and I sure as hell can't do that myself. I just want to SCREAM.

*hugs* Neon back.
Shai said…
I hope you aren't paying this loser to put the siding on. What a jerk!
AnnieAngel said…
I paid him for what he did. He also made me order way more siding than I needed and I told him it was too much but he was all like no no, you need more, so of course I ended up taking it back and losing 25% to a restocking fee, which ending up only being 15% somehow, I guess they screwed up. :) I still have two sides that need to be sided, sigh.

He is a jerk, he thinks that he can put me off and off and off and take other jobs and I won't care. He was wrong, I told him he's fired. :)

It felt good but now I need to find someone else. I mean I pay 15 bucks an hour just to get a looser to come, I can't afford to hire siding guys, they have a freaking truck, that's a minimum 25 bucks an hour. ;)

The only person I trust to come when he says he will is the plumber. He's wonderful.

But I still have sanding and painting to do tonight and I'm tired. I still want to scream. And there is no way I'll get the outside painting finished before it gets too cold. And my house is still all pulled apart because of the floors needing to cure.

God I'm a whiner.
Shai said…
Forget it for the night and get some rest! You deserve a break.
AnnieAngel said…
I can rest when I'm dead. :)

It won't be too bad, the ceiling is only 9 feet. :) I need to primer it to see if the plaster is done enough. I watched the dude do it, so if I see any marks I'm going to try to fix it myself, I suck at plaster but if i screw it up it will sand off, and if I do good, then I can paint it and it will be done. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Ok Shai. I'm taking the rest of the night off. I sanded it and I can tell it needs another coat all over so I'm not going to put on the primer. It's not nice work, plaster sanding. I'm hot and sweaty and thirsty.

I need a hug. :( And a shower.
Shai said…
AnnieAngel said…

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