I wasn't going to post a picture until I was finished, but just LOOK at it shine!!! I'm still putting it on too thick, and I missed a few spots, but hey, I think it looks pretty awesome so far. :)
One more coat in a few hours and I'm done. :)


Shoelimpy™ said…
I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, Miss Annie. Who needs a mirror when you have a floor so spotlessly clean and shiny?
AnnieAngel said…
Thanks, Shoe. :) Varsol gets every speck of dust, it's amazing. :) It also makes my head feel neat.
Shoelimpy™ said…
Don't turn into a huffer now, Miss Annie!
AnnieAngel said…
No huffing needed, I just need to breathe normally. ;)
Shai said…
Wow! I like shiny things. So pretty. Just make sure no boys are looking at your reflection if you wear a skirt walking across that thing. :)
Steer Pike Pie said…
Hey, it's sexymama Shai.

Wanna get some?
AnnieAngel said…
Stop it, Steer.

I'm so happy for Scam!! For those who don't know:

Shai said...
Everything went great! The baby was born right before 1 pm and weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces. Scam had an epidural so she didn't feel a whole lot... that's good. :)
What a big baby! My sandtrout only weighed 6 pounds when he was born, but he was a month early too. :)
Shai said…
Scam says, Thanks Annie! You're the coolest. :)
Hope all is going well with your house. I still can't get over how great the floor looks.
AnnieAngel said…
How is the baby adjusting to life outside the womb?

The floors are wet in that pic, but they are done totally now. :) I was up until 5 last night, or this morning, however you want to look at it. I only missed a couple spots and they are fixed now so IT'S OVER!!!! It was so hard, Shai. Never try to hand rub a finish, it's not worth it.

It does look gorgeous though.

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