I Found Money!!!!!@@!#!#!

I live very close to a convenience store and people are always throwing their trash on my lawn. So a little while ago I was going to the store myself, grumbling about "those damn kids" and how I need to pick up the trash.

Then I saw it, just lying there. Just like in the above dramatization, a one hundred dollar bill!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Usually all I find are empty dime bags and candy wrappers!!!

I'm rich! I could buy 100 things at the dollar store! Well, there would be tax, but I could still buy a ton of crap!

I could buy a billion penny candies! A 100 pound box of something that costs a dollar a pound!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Oh, what to do with my new found fortune?!! Be good, be bad, pay a bill, go to the Casino.....decisions decisions!!!


Shai said…
Wow! I never found that much money! You should go shopping. Be bad. It's a sign from God and God says SHOP. :D
Then come home and tell us what you got.
Shai said…
My husband wants me to tell you that he lost a 100 dollar bill near a Canadian convienence store earlier. :)
AnnieAngel said…
I spent 25 dollars of it on myself. :) I bought two shirts. I bought Fun Dip and Sweetarts. I bought a little thingy to stick in my flowerpot with a ladybug on it.

And I bought a suet treat for the birds and a bag of the black sunflower seeds that they love so much and I'm usually to cheap to buy.

I had a Cardinal come to visit yesterday!!!!

Tell your Husband, "yeah right!!! :P "
Shai said…
I love Sweet Tarts! But I like Smarties more. I'm a Smarties addict since I quit smoking. I figure I can always replace my teeth but not my lungs. :)
I just brush a lot with my Sonic Toothbrush to make up for all the sugar.

Sounds like you had a fun day! Shopping always puts me in a good mood. Me and Scam call it the "shopping high." She's been going nuts shopping for baby clothes.
AnnieAngel said…
Shopping, it's a good thing. :)

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