As The World Turns

The guy who played Detective Hal Munson killed himself. :( He shot himself in the head. I don't know what his problems were, but I do know that nothing is ever that bad.

I started watching the show with my mother when I was about 8. I stopped watching it last year but for a long time the people of Oakdale were like a family to me. This makes me sad.


Shai said…
My mom watches it because it is on right before the Guiding Light. I wonder why he did it? That's just messed up. :(
AnnieAngel said…
He most likely did it because he was weak and selfish, that's why people kill themselves, usually.

And if they make a big mess while doing it, then those left behind get to deal with that too. Blowing your head off is like saying FUCK YOU to everyone who loves you.

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