Voyeuristical Pigs!!!

I mean REALLY! I play a little bit with my friend Jex in the spirit of fun and then you assholes are being all fucking STOOPID about it as if it is something that is any of your business!

What is WRONG with you people? Huh? I mean, is it not enough to make up lame words and terms for your inbred little circle to get all hot and bothered over or to make stoopid posts about nothing?? Why do you have to bud in where it's none of your concern and try to embarrass me and Jex!?!?!?? YOU ALL SUCK! I can't even respond on your STOOPID blog!! Grow up and get lives!!!

Don't you have Emus to fuck or something?

You suck too Shoe, you lying liar. But then, you know you suck, and you must like sucking because you continue to suck even after promising that you won't suck anymore.


jexter said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jexter said…
You're beautiful when you're angry.
AnnieAngel said…

I think you think this is funny! :P
woodrow said…

I know you're out there, I can see your eyes!

AA: Tear 'em up, girl!
AnnieAngel said…
Woods! Where have you been??? I was worried about you.
woodrow said…
Hi, sweetheart!

Don't think I was gone, I've been trolling you, but didn't have anything to say. But, when you get your mean on, I gotta get some.

(Blazing Saddles is still funny for the reasons I listed, pffft!)
AnnieAngel said…
Well, I'm not getting my mean on, but you can go fuck yourself, how's that??

I'm fucking sick of people.
woodrow said…
I appologise, I didn't mean to irritate you.

Please accept.
Shai said…
Wow, that's emu abuse. Do they really do that??? They should be locked up where they can't hurt you or emus again. Poor big, misunderstood, flightless birds. :(
AnnieAngel said…
They really hate Emus, Shai. Their whole stoopid site sucks cobag chunks. And then they chew the chunks and lick their lips.

Let's hope they aren't really Harvard grads...if they are, they must have all gotten gentleman C's.
Shai said…
I had a professor who went to Harvard. They dummy down the curriculm for the rich kids. That's why he called t "Mickey Mouse University." LOL
Most likely they are just talking themselves up. They are probably just stoners who still live in their mommy and daddy's basements.
Pinko Punko said…
You know you love everyone, so eat it!

Bow chicka bow wow!

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