Magic Rock Road

I went for a walk today down the old tracks to the bridge. (I call it Magic Rock Road, because there are very pretty rocks there, and because I do things like that) I don't like the bridge, you can see the water through the ties and it discombobulates me. I start to get really dizzy and stuff, so I don't go out on it very far. But as I was walking back off the bridge, I glanced to the other side and was privileged to see this:

My camera isn't the greatest, but I think you should be able to see the nest. Cool isn't it?? :)


Shai said…
Looks like robin eggs. When I was a kid I insisted on having me and scam's bedroom painted robin egg blue. I thought it was so pretty then. Now that I am older I realze how loud and sort of tacky it must have been, by my dad was so sweet and painted it for me anyway.
BTW, I name stuff too. My husband and I always name our cars for goodluck. Our Aztek is the Puddle Jumper. My Grand Prix was Smog. His 71 VW super beetle was named "the filthy whore." I also had an Oldsmobile named the Millenium Falcon because we put a lot of it together ourselves. he he
It leaked gas.
AnnieAngel said…
:) Amoung the colors I've used in my house are lime green, orange, yellow and hot pink. :)

I like to rename stores. There's the scary store, the newfie store, the sleazy store, and God forgive me, the paki shack.

AnnieAngel said…
(especially since they're from India)
Shai said…
We have a grocery store chain here called Giant Eagle. My husband taught our son to call it the Big Chicken. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Hehehehe, that's a good one. :)

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