Lite-Brite :)

I got a Lite-Brite today, for free, in the box, with tons of paper and a margerine container full of pegs. :)

It's just like being 6 again. :)


Shoelimpy™ said…
It is a very beautiful Lite Brite image you have made, Miss Annie.
AnnieAngel said…
I like my Lite-Brite. It's All-Rite. :) I'm going to use it for a Nite-Lite To-Nite. :D
Shai said…
That's awesome! I haven't seen one of those in so long. I remember my cousin had one when we were kids. I thought it was so cool.
I love your pic! You're a natural artist in the Lite-Brite medium. :)
Shai said…
((((ANNIE)))) Where are you? Don't make me worry about you. :/
I'd kill to have a lite brite again! I do have a minature "etch-a-sketch" in my purse though.
AnnieAngel said…
I'm right here Shai. I'm scared Tragic is going to kill me for my Lite-Brite!!!!! Eat her!
Shai said…
I will have to post my son's magnadoodle art some time. You would love it.
AnnieAngel said…
:) Do it. :)

Why do freaks like to stalk me, Shai? I'm a nice person, I don't stalk anybody!!!

I don't get it. Sigh.
Shai said…
They are attracted to your happiness you found from accepting Jesus as your personal savior. If they would do the same they would aso have the same magnetism and appeal.
That or it's your legs. :P
AnnieAngel said…
Well I hope some of these freaks never accept Jesus, I don't want to be in Heaven with a bunch of loosers.

This one has a problewm with my Hana Beach's not modest enough or something...I thought the trolls had finally learned that they suck, guess not. :)
Shai said…
I love the shirt. It's cool. Though with my stretch marks I could never pull it off in a million years. That sucks. :(
But the Sandtrout is worth it. :)
AnnieAngel said…
Yeah well on the flip side, people say "hi" to my boobs. If I wear a bigger tshirt I look fat because it hangs from my boobies, and I am NOT about to look fat. ;)

And the Sandtrout is worth every mark, even though I doubt they are as bad as you think they are. :)
Shai said…
I get the thing with the big t-shirts. I won't wear them over-sized either, not even to bed. I might wear baggy jeans, but I still have a top that fits.
Oh, and I would have my entire body covered with stretch marks for him. He's everything to me. :)

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